Best 80s Dance Movies List – 8 Dancing Movies of the 80s

Cinema moves in cycles. Just when you think a genre is becoming unpopular, there is a resurgence at a later decade. This phenomenon definitely applies to dance movies from the 80s. One of the most idiosyncratic cinematic obsessions in recent decades was dance movies. These films are considered cult classics by many movie lovers. They appreciate the flashy wardrobes, attractive soundtracks, and of course, the slick dance moves.

Best Entrepreneur Movies – 7 Films About Business Success

Entrepreneurs are impressive individuals who run their own businesses. Often, they start their companies with minimal resources. Nevertheless, the top entrepreneurs follow a strategic vision to propel their start-ups into prominence. Some of the most famous success stories have turned these business leaders into millionaires or even billionaires. The best entrepreneur movies aim to capture their legacies in history.

Best Divorce Movies – 8 Top Films About Breakups

Recently, Statistics Canada released a report claiming that 38% of all marriages end in divorce. That means every one in three couples will separate after getting married. Although considerably lower than in previous generations, this figure is still significant. Evidently, divorces remain a regular part of society. The best divorce movies reflect this phenomenon, capturing the heartbreak and emotional turmoil after a relationship ends.