Check out this list of the best CRM for real estate agents.

Best Real Estate CRM Comparison Guide – 12 CRM for Realtors

As a real estate agent, we understand you have a lot on the go. With countless meetings and a long list of clients at various stages of the home-buying process, it can sometimes feel like an impossible amount of information to organize. Many tools are available to help you manage contacts and appointments, like a customer relationship management system (CRM). The best real estate CRM can keep track of your tasks and organize your schedule.

A real estate CRM is a software platform specifically designed to help manage communication with leads and clients. CRMs work so well that they have become essential tools for any leading real estate agent and team. The best CRMs will directly impact on the success of your brokerage and improve your productivity. CRMs have specific features geared toward the real estate industry, helping you manage sales, keep in touch with clients, and quickly respond to property inquiries.

The best CRMs are highly customizable and integrate with other third-party tools. If you’re new to the CRM world, it will take a bit of research. There are many out there, some suiting your needs much better than others. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite CRMs for real estate agents today.

  • Best CRM for real estate agents: IXACT Contact
  • Best CRM for small real estate business: Streak
  • Best CRM for commercial real estate: Salesmate
  • Best real estate CRM for beginners: Wise Agent
  • Best free CRM for real estate: Bitrix24

Here is a list of the twelve best real estate CRM software for realtors to use:

Best CRM for Realtors

    Real Estate CRM Comparison Chart

    Real Estate CRM Comparison Chart

    This real estate CRM comparison chart shows the monthly costs from the top software providers. We have determined the best real estate CRM platform is IXACT Contact, which offers its tools for $38 monthly. Other good CRM for realtors include Salesmate, Agile CRM, Bitrix, and Zendesk Sell.

    Here is a comparison chart of the best CRM for real estate agents:

    Real Estate CRMMonthly Pricing
    IXACT Contact$38
    Agile CRM$48
    Zendesk Sell$49
    Top Producer$58

    Best Real Estate CRM Software

    IXACT Contact

    IXACT Contact is one of the best real estate CRM platforms.
    NameIXACT Contact
    IXACT Pricing$38

    IXACT Contact is an one of the best real estate CRM used by thousands of teams worldwide. It’s an all-in-one real estate agent solution and is one of the best platforms for your money. IXACT offers a robust CRM that includes options for an IDX and website and social media content.

    IXACT is one of the exceptional CRMs on the market, as it acts like the perfect assistant. When you first get started with the IXACT, you’ll be given a concierge setup service. You’ll be able to easily migrate all of your previous data from spreadsheets and other areas into the straightforward management database. This real estate CRM can be particularly appealing to those who aren’t technologically inclined, as it streamlines a complicated, laborious process.

    IXACT focuses on lead nurturing and contact management. With IXACT, you can easily send personalized texts and set up automated reminders when to check in with clients. It also has a component where you can quickly capture leads through websites like Zillow. Overall, IXACT has one of the sleekest designs among CRMs and is incredibly user-friendly. If you’re looking to get started with your first CRM, we highly recommend you consider IXACT as a top contender.

    IXACT vs Top Producer

    • Monthly pricing is $38
    • Offers IDX with website & social media management
    • Best CRM for lead nurturing & contact management

    Top Producer vs IXACT

    • Monthly pricing is between $33 to $67
    • Offers IDX, MLS data, and third-party integration
    • Good CRM for lead nurturing & transaction management


    Salesmate is a good realtor CRM for data management, third-party integration, and exceptional linking of communication channels.
    Salesmate Pricing$40 (Boost)
    $24 (Growth)
    $12 (Basic)

    Salesmate is one of the best CRM for commercial agents. It offers an impressive realtor CRM that can replace many disjointed systems to save you time and money. Their CRM platform helps to create a personalized experience across all channels, enabling quicker lead generation and easier relationship development.

    Salesmate has everything you might be looking for in a real estate CRM, including data management, third-party integration, and exceptional linking of communication channels. This platform is widely used in the real estate world as it is easy to connect with your other sources. It can work well in a team setting or if you’re a single agent. Salesmate does marketing campaigns well, making it easy to run automated ads.

    Salesmate vs Pipedrive

    • Monthly pricing is $12 to $40 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers third-party integration
    • Best CRM for marketing campaigns

    Pipedrive vs Salesmate

    • Monthly pricing is $15 to $99 with 4 pricing tiers
    • Offers third-party integration
    • Best CRM for streamlining communication

    Streak CRM

    Streak Pricing$159 (Enterprise)
    $59 (Pro)
    $19 (Solo)

    Streak is an easy-to-use platform whose pipeline management tool lives inside Google’s email platform. It was specifically designed to work seamlessly with Google Workplace apps. With many valuable features, Streak is the best real estate CRM for freelancers, startups, and small businesses.

    If you’re already doing a lot of your work within Gmail, then Streak might be a good choice for you. Its workflows are easy to set up and are highly customizable. The layout is simple but still powerful, giving your organization and efficiency a competitive edge. While the free and Solo versions offer all the capabilities of tasks, reminders, email tracking, and pipeline management, you’ll want to move to their Pro or Enterprise versions if you need API integration.

    Streak vs Pipedrive

    • Monthly pricing is $19 to $159 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers free CRM option
    • Best CRM for tasks, reminders & email tracking

    Pipedrive vs Streak

    • Monthly pricing is $15 to $99 with 4 pricing tiers
    • Pro option ($50) is cheaper than Streak Pro ($59)
    • Good CRM for property management

    Agile CRM

    Agile CRM is a good realtor CRM platform.
    NameAgile CRM
    Agile Pricing$48 (Enterprise)
    $30 (Regular)
    $9 (Starter)

    Agile CRM is an entry-level-priced CRM with a strong sales force, marketing automation, and social media and other third-party integration. They also have a pretty solid customer service team to help you along the way. While this platform wasn’t designed specifically for realtors, many features can be beneficial to real estate agents and their teams.

    Leads can easily be tracked and organized based on where they are in the sales process. There are countless ways to organize and label contacts to help streamline your communications. Agile might not be your all-in-one real estate CRM, but it’s a robust platform that can be a great way to learn about CRM.

    Agile vs Bitrix24

    • Monthly pricing is $9 to $48 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers free CRM option
    • Best CRM for contact management and streamlined communication

    Bitrix24 vs Agile

    • Monthly pricing is $49 to $199 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Bitrix24 Enterprise is more expensive ($199) than Agile Enterprise ($48)
    • Good CRM for tracking expenses & ROI


    Bitrix24 is one of the best free CRM for real estate agents.
    Bitrix24 Pricing$199 (Enterprise)
    $99 (Standard)
    $49 (Basic)

    Bitrix24 is one of the best free CRM for real estate agents. This platofrm provides excellent value with an easy interface option. Real estate agents can contact leads and clients through text messaging, video, and phone-in chat. Bitrix24 has solid sales & marketing components that will help generate leads and improve conversion rates through automated processes.

    Bitrix24 will allow you to track marketing expenses and calculate potential ROIs directly from their interface. And while this CRM can sometimes be difficult to navigate, they have a responsive and helpful customer service team to help guide you through. Bitrix24 is accessible through a web browser, app, and desktop.

    Bitrix24 vs Zendesk

    • Monthly pricing is $49 to $199 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers free CRM option
    • Best CRM for tracking marketing expenses and ROI calculations

    Zendesk vs Bitrix24

    • Monthly pricing is $19 to $99 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Zendesk Enterprise is cheaper ($99) than Bitrix24 Enterprise ($199)
    • Good CRM for streamlining admin work


    Pipedrive offers the best value in a real estate CRM.
    Pipedrive Pricing$99 (Enterprise)
    $50 (Professional)
    $25 (Advanced)
    $15 (Essential)

    Pipedrive is one of the best CRM for commercial real estate agents. This robust platforms has many features and a reasonably price. The platform includes open houses, property proposals, deal signing, meetings, payments, and more. The company has concentrated on streamlining communication as they offer many ways to automate contacting potential buyers, previous clients, and current clients.

    Pipedrive easily integrates with popular third-party systems, including Slack and Trello. Pipedrive may be less powerful than some CRMs on the market, but it does a great job of simplifying the user experience and concentrating on the crucial things. They have a very visual platform that makes scrolling through information easy to digest and navigate.

    Pipedrive vs Agile CRM

    • Monthly pricing is $15 to $99 with 4 pricing tiers
    • Pipedrive Enterprise is more expensive ($99) than Agile Enterprise ($48)
    • Best CRM for third-party integration

    Agile CRM vs Pipedrive

    • Monthly pricing is $9 to $48 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers free CRM capabilities
    • Good CRM for marketing automation, social media & third-party integration

    Top Producer

    Top Producer is the oldest real estate CRM.
    NameTop Producer
    Top Producer Pricing$67 (Advanced)
    $58 (Professional)
    $33 (Starter)

    Top Producer is one of the first-ever CRM software. Sometimes being an originator can leave you irrelevant with the rise of new platforms, but not with Top Producer. They’ve done a great job of keeping up with demand and not becoming outdated.

    For instance, they have continually worked to anticipate the next real estate needs. Their latest CRM iteration, Top Producer X, makes this clear. Their IDX feed connects directly to your MLS processes, allowing you to pull up to 300 data points for every current listing and previously-sold property.

    Top Producer has excellent transaction management features that eliminate the need for virtually any other tool. They have one of the best-integrated CRMs on the market, with the ability to connect with hundreds of third-party platforms. As stated above, their integration with MLS data is superb, making lead nurturing easier and more effective.

    Top Producer could be a solid choice if you’re looking for next-level MLS integration or your team needs to solidify its lead routing.

    Top Producer vs Wise Agent

    • Monthly pricing is $33 to $67 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Offers IDX feed that connects to MLS processes
    • Best CRM for lead routing, transaction management & third-party integration

    Wise Agent vs Top Producer

    • Monthly pricing is $32 with annual pricing option
    • Wise Agent is slightly less expensive ($32) than Top Producer ($33)
    • Great CRM for time management and content automation

    Zendesk Sell

    Zendesk Sell is the best real estate CRM for streamling work.
    NameZendesk Sell
    Zendesk Pricing$99 (Enterprise)
    $49 (Professional)
    $19 (Team)

    Zendesk Sell is a great real estate CRM recommendation. This software will quickly help you and your team do less admin work and focus on selling. It’s fast to implement and easily tracks customer interactions in one unified interface. Zendesk has all the elements of a competitive CRM while providing some unique features to help you stay on top of your tasks.

    Zendesk introduced a feature called Native Dialer, which is a built-in transcriptor that automatically records and logs your calls. This allows you to store notes and scripts to refer back to later so everyone on your team is on the same page.

    Zendesk vs Pipedrive

    • Monthly pricing is $19 to $99 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Zendesk Professional is slightly less expensive ($48) than Pipedrive Professional ($49)
    • Good CRM for administrative tasks

    Pipedrive vs Zendesk

    • Monthly pricing is $15 to $99 with 4 pricing tiers
    • Pipedrive Enterprise and Zendesk Enterprise have the same pricing ($99)
    • Best CRM for streamlined communication & third-party integration

    Wise Agent

    Wise Agent is one of the best real estate CRM for beginners.
    NameWise Agent
    Wise Agent Pricing$326 (Annual)
    $32 (Monthly)
    Project-based (Enterprise)

    Wise Agent is the best real estate CRM for beginners or those unskilled with technology. They have a tremendous customer support team and an easy platform to navigate. Their software also integrates very easily with other tools in a way that won’t cause many headaches in the process.

    Wise Agent offers sleek transaction and time management tools, a compact central database for storing client information, and advanced automation. This real estate CRM has an impressive feature for streamlining communication and keeping track of leads.

    Wise Agent vs IXACT

    • Monthly pricing is $32 with higher pricing for enterprise projects
    • Good CRM for beginners
    • Offers time management and automation tools

    IXACT vs Wise Agent

    • Monthly pricing is $38
    • IXACT has more productivity features than Wise Agent
    • Best CRM for marketing automation, lead nurturing & contact management


    Apptivo is one of the best real estate CRM platforms with many features.
    Apptivo Pricing$20 (Ultimate)
    $12 (Premium)
    $8 (Lite)

    Apptivo starts at just $8 per month and offers a comprehensive package with many customization options. They have an outstanding mobile application, granular security controls, and a 24-hour support team that is helpful and prompt. While this CRM can seem a little complex in formatting its settings, its compact design is cost-effective. The platform can be very beneficial for single agents and small real estate teams.

    Apptivo’s platform reveals a sleek agenda view that details your weekly calendar and tasks. It also allows you to quickly navigate all your contact information, project management tools, and email campaigns all in one place. They have numerous automation tools that will help save your and your client’s time. Apptivo easily integrates with your other devices, allowing you to access each tool from a single location.

    Apptivo vs Pipedrive

    • Monthly pricing is $8 to $20 with 3 pricing tiers
    • Best CRM for single real estate agents & small teams
    • Offers contact management and project management tools

    Pipedrive vs Apptivo

    • Monthly pricing is $15 to $99 with 4 pricing tiers
    • Pipedrive offers more expensive packages than Apptivo
    • Great CRM for communication and user experience

    Real Geeks

    Real Geeks is one of the best real estate CRM for SEO.
    NameReal Geeks
    Real Geeks Pricing$249

    Real Geeks is an all-in-one lead generation platform. It’s an excellent, affordable option for almost every agent looking for a tool to help their business reach the next level.

    One of the great features of Real Geek is they have a fantastic structure in place for SEO. Real Geeks IDX websites tend to rank higher than other lead generation systems. This real estate CRM allows teams to take advantage of their dynamics to rank high in Google search engine results. Using Real Geek’s website creation feature will allow you to list properties from your targeted areas, create pages for your agents, and quickly bring in automated home valuations.

    Real Geeks vs Propertybase

    • Pricing is $249
    • Best CRM for real estate search engine optimization
    • Specializes in lead generation & content automation

    Propertybase vs Real Geeks

    • Pricing is $79 or $299
    • Best CRM for commercial real estate agencies
    • Specializes in lead routing & advanced analytics


    Propertybase is the best real estate CRM software.
    Propertybase Pricing$79 (minimum 10 users)
    $299 (IDX-integrated website)

    Propertybase is one of the best CRM for commercial real estate agencies. This system has all the features you could ask for. It was designed specifically for real estate teams and brokerages. With that said, they still have a single-agent and small teams option called Propertybase Go.

    As you would expect, Propertybase offers all the features of a high-powered CRM, including lead routing, integrated brokerage, team and agent website experience, and advanced analytics. They make it easy for you to manage listings on real estate websites and create automated ad campaigns. This will ensure your properties are seen at precisely the right time.

    Their sleek and compact design allows you to automate daily tasks and easily oversee all data in one place. This will shift your team’s focus from admin work to selling homes. Their MLS-integrated CRM and website create a powerful yet professional tool for top-selling real estate teams.

    Propertybase vs Top Producer

    • Pricing is $79 or $299
    • Features include MLS integration and lead routing
    • Good CRM for commercial real estate agent

    Top Producer vs Propertybase

    • Monthly pricing is $33 to $67
    • Top Producer offers less expensive packages than Propertybase
    • Best CRM for streamlined lead routing