The best gift baskets Canada will bring joy and celebration for the recipients. Check out our list of the top Canadian gift basket companies.

Best Gift Baskets Canada – 20 Canadian Gift Basket Companies

Canadian gift baskets make the best presents for friends, family, or someone special in your life. The most popular time to give gift baskets is Christmas, which showcases your festive cheer. However, you aren’t just limited to celebrating the holidays. You may enjoy treating your loved ones with wedding gift baskets or coworkers with corporate gift baskets. Each present contains your sincerity, gratitude, and emotional connection. The best gift baskets Canada express your heartfelt sentiments toward the recipients.

Gift baskets are famous for their variety. Each basket of goodies may contain many delightful surprises, from practical accessories to yummy snacks. Some popular items include candy, healthy gluten-free snacks, vegan food, or a brilliant assortment of coffee and tea. Similarly, your hearty Canadian friends may enjoy a basket filled with their favourite beer, liquor, or beverages. Rest assured that you can find the best gift baskets for different ages and demographics, reflecting everyone’s unique tastes.

We love offering gift baskets to brighten someone’s day and bring a smile to their faces. Likewise, we enjoy receiving these unique presents, making us feel loved and appreciated. Gift baskets are the best way to cherish, motivate, and empower the people around us.

Check out the list of the best gift baskets in Canada:

    Best Gift Baskets Canada

    The best gift baskets Canada include Baskits, Imagine It, Biscuits to Baskets, and Peter & Paul's Gifts.

    Canada is home to many of the best gift basket companies in the world. The popularity is a testament to the Canadian spirit of kindness and generosity. From the metropolitan city of Toronto to the charming coastal town of St John, the power of giving is a value instilled in every community.

    Are you ready to go shopping for a special Canadian in your life? Here are the most popular gift baskets in Canada:

    Best Gift Baskets Toronto

    The best gift baskets Toronto include Baskits, Kairos, Baskets on the Run and Basketique.

    Toronto, the most biggest city in Canada, celebrates a population of nearly 3 million citizens. Although Downtown Toronto is the busiest district, there are thriving communities in Mississauga, North York, Richmond Hill, and surrounding areas. Many other suburbs and small towns also make up the Greater Toronto Area.

    Toronto is the home to some of the leading Canadian gift basket companies in the country. The most famous brand is Baskits, which has three retail locations across the city. Are you looking for a Canadian gift basket company near you? Here is a list of the best gift baskets in Toronto:

    BaskitsGift Baskets Toronto
    Basket to BiscuitsGift Baskets Ajax
    Basketful BoutiqueGift Baskets Burlington
    Village GrocerGift Baskets Markham
    Kairos BasketsGift Baskets Milton
    BasketiqueGift Baskets Mississauga
    For All OccasionsGift Baskets Newmarket
    Baskets on the RunGift Baskets North York
    Elevate Gift ArrangementsGift Baskets Pickering
    GTA Gift BasketsGift Baskets Richmond Hill
    Heavenly FathersGift Baskets Thornhill
    Peter & Paul’s GiftsGift Baskets Vaughan

    Best Gift Baskets Ontario

    The best gift baskets Ontario include Givopoly, For All Occasions, Basketful Boutique, and Baskets & Bouquets.

    As the most populated province in Canada, Ontario has a population of nearly 15 million residents. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, a metropolitan city packed with events, businesses, and diversity. In addition, this province includes famous towns like Ottawa, known as the country’s capital. Other prosperous communities include Guelph, Kitchener, London, Waterloo, and more.

    There are many gift basket companies in Ontario, Canada. Each brand carries a distinctive Canadian identity infused with a charming small-town flair. Here is a list of the best gift baskets in Ontario:

    Present TimesGift Baskets Brantford
    Market FreshGift Baskets Guelph
    Imagine ItGift Baskets Kitchener
    Jill’s TableGift Baskets London
    GivopolyGift Baskets Ottawa
    Le Petit PanierGift Baskets Sudbury
    George’s MarketGift Baskets Thunder Bay
    Baskets & BouquetsGift Baskets Waterloo

    Best Baby Gift Baskets Canada

    Baby gift baskets Canada celebrate the birth of a newborn child. Encourage the new mommies and daddies with helpful parents like treats, toys, and accessories.

    Baby gift baskets are the best presents for new mommies and daddies expecting a newborn child. These baskets contain helpful items like toys and accessories designed to make parenting easier. Those late-night snacks and guilty pleasure treats will come

    Caring for a new child can be a stressful experience. You can support your friends and loved ones with baby gift baskets. These baskets contain numerous goodies, which will provide relief during the early stages of parenthood.

    Here is a list of the best baby gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsOh Baby!$55
    Gift SmackBaby Owl$115
    BaskitsBundle of Joy$120
    Monpetit CreationsSuper Baby$170
    Baskets ‘N’ JoyCutie Patootie$170
    Present DayWelcome Baby$185
    BirbabyThe Little Dreamer$240
    Dazzle BasketLove You to the Moon$320

    Best Candy Gift Baskets Canada

    The best candy gift baskets Canada are ideal for anybody with a sweet tooth.

    Do you know someone with a sweet tooth? They will enjoy a gift basket with sweet chocolate bars, jellybeans, licorice, and all their favourite treats. 

    Candy gift baskets are popular among all ages and demographics. Everyone enjoys nibbling on a couple of sweet treats, from chocolates to jellybeans. Candies can boost morale during a workday or provide comfort during cozy evenings at home. These gift baskets are ideal presents that many recipients will appreciate.

    Here is a list of the best candy gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    Present TimesGreat Snacks$73
    BaskitsChamplain Small$80
    Le Petit PanierSweet & Savoury Snacks$85
    Dolce AnnaThe Survival Candy Basket$100
    BaskitsChamplain Large$125
    Luxury SookeUltimate Munchy$140
    BasketCasesSnack & Home$165
    BasketiqueGondola Gourmet Treats$185

    Best Christmas Gift Baskets Canada

    Christmas gift baskets can bring holiday cheer to the recipients.

    Christmas is famous for being the season of giving. This festive time of year encourages us to express fond sentiments to our friends and loved ones. Holiday gift baskets are the best way to celebrate Xmas, delivering yummy treats and Santa’s delightful goodies to the recipients.

    Unsurprisingly, Christmas is one of the most popular times to give gift baskets. Celebrate the festive season with a holiday gift basket with jolly snacks and merry treats. Christmas gift baskets commonly include sweets, snacks, wines, and holiday trinkets. Many people crave candies and chocolates around the festive time of year. Indulge your loved ones with Xmas gift baskets that include the best treats, from candy canes to macarons.

    Here is a list of the best Christmas gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsCanterbury Small$55
    BaskitsTartan Small$75
    George’s MarketChristmas Tea & Coffee$100
    BaskitsCanterbury Large$125
    Jill’s TableFestive Baskets$150
    Imagine ItWarm Wishes$160
    Elevate Gift ArrangementsFull of Cheer$165
    BaskitsTartan Large$185
    Market FreshMerry & Bright$200
    Chef LauraHome For The Holidays$235
    BasketiqueSleighbells Ringing$250
    Blissful BasketsDeluxe Holiday$306
    North Pole CompanyThe Luxury Feast$320
    Peter & Paul’s GiftsTreasure Trove$475

    Best Coffee Gift Baskets Canada

    The best coffee gift baskets will be a delightful morning treat for the recipients.

    Many Canadians enjoy a cup of joe to revitalize themselves in the mornings, almost like a daily tradition. For this reason, coffee gift baskets make excellent presents. Each basket contains blends, roasts, beans, and a few goodies to make the coffee experience more satisfying.

    Make every morning special with savoury brews and coffee beans from leading brands. Accompany your drink with accessories like mugs or kitchenware.

    Here is a list of the best coffee gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsLet’s Do Brunch$100
    George’s MarketCafé Café$100
    BaskitsHome At Last$120
    North Pole CompanyThe Festive Coffee$126
    GroscheCoffee Lovers$140
    Island Gift BasketsCortes Coffee$145
    Whatta BasketBrew$160
    Monpetit CreationsCoffee & Chocolate$180
    CuppersBarista Drink Kit$200
    BaskitsKeeping It Cozy$200

    Best Corporate Gift Baskets Canada

    Corporate gift baskets Canada are fantastic presents to thank clients, employees, and colleagues.

    Corporate gift baskets are luxurious presents that will make the recipients feel special. From gourmet snacks to fancy wines, these products come with class and sophistication.

    The baskets are perfect for expressing gratitude and admiration to employees, managers, or coworkers. In addition, gift baskets are the ideal presents to give corporate clients.

    Here is a list of the best corporate gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsJust For You$65
    SaskMadeOffice Snacks to Share$85
    POP Events GroupThe Gala$85
    Baskets & BouquetsClassic Executive$115
    BaskitsForest Hill$160
    Peter & Paul’s GiftsElite Gear$165
    Bumblebee BasketsCEO$175
    Present TimesThe Executive$180
    BaskitsNot Too Sweet$185

    Best Gourmet Gift Baskets Canada

    Gourmet gift baskets Canada are extravagant presents that will show the recipients how much you value them.

    Gourmet gift baskets convey class, elegance, and sophistication. These presents can dazzle your recipients, letting them know you cherish them. The prestige of a gourmet gift basket comes from high-quality products made by premium brands.

    Each item reaches a standard of excellence, ensuring that your gift basket reaches perfection. Pamper your favoured companion with spa packages, meat platters, or rich teas imported outside Canada.

    Here is a list of the best gourmet gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsChamplain XL$165
    Baskets on the RunGourmet Escape$170
    A Basket CaseCabernet$280
    Kelowna BasketsRoyalty Delux$285
    Baskets & BouquetsPresident’s Selection$345
    Peter & Paul’s GiftsEpicurean Delight$350
    Creative ComplimentsTop of the Line$425

    Best Healthy Gift Baskets Canada

    Healthy gift baskets Canada are suitable for those who prioritize nutrition and wellness.

    Healthy gift baskets include low-sugar and low-carb treats. They make suitable presents for those who are more conscious about their diets. These baskets encourage the recipients to maintain their sensible lifestyle, so they can enjoy a few wholesome snacks without worry.

    Healthy gift baskets are as nutritious as they are delicious. These baskets contain sugar-free treats and light snacks that won’t disrupt your diet.

    Here is a list of the best healthy gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsKosher Small$55
    GivopolyTraditional Fruit$70
    Bumblebee BasketsVitamin V$80
    Baskets on the RunKosher Treats$80
    Bonavista FlowersHealth & Nut$90
    Jule’s BasketsCustom Wellness$95
    BaskitsGoodbye Gluten$100
    BasketiqueGluten Free Gourmet$110
    BaskitsKosher Large$110
    De Luca’sThe Gluten Free$120

    Best Sympathy Gift Baskets Canada

    Sympathy gift baskets Canada can help you support and encourage someone coping with grief or trauma.

    A tragedy is never an easy experience for anybody. You can express condolences and provide emotional support with the best sympathy gift baskets. These baskets contain pick-me-up items, letting the recipients know you cherish them dearly.

    Sympathy gift baskets express condolences in a respectful manner. Your thoughtful gesture lets the recipients know you’re thinking of them during challenging times.

    Here is a list of the best sympathy gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsJust Tea & Me$50
    Kits & KaboodlesTender Thoughts$65
    Carolyn’s Gift CreationsSincere Condolences$79
    Memory Magic GiftsWith Our Sympathy$80
    Just Gift BasketsEverything Nice$80
    Gift It UpSavory Hugs$93
    Imagine ItThe Social$100
    SeaScapeFeel Better Soon$108

    Best Wedding Gift Baskets Canada

    Wedding gift baskets Canada celebrate matrimony with class and style. Pamper the newlyweds with romantic presents they will appreciate.

    Do you know somebody about to tie the knot? Celebrate this joyous occasion with the best wedding gift baskets! Each basket contains various romantic goods highlighting a couple’s love for each other. From gourmet chocolates to luxury wines, the newlyweds will thank you as they develop their relationship. 

    Getting married is one of the most significant moments in anybody’s life. Congratulate the married couple and send them your best wishes with a wedding gift basket. The various presents will put them in a romantic mood, ensuring they begin their marriage on a splendid note.

    Here is a list of the best wedding gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    BaskitsI Can’t Say I Do Without You$65
    WishBoxHere’s to the Bride$100
    Creative Gift BasketsNewfoundland Special$140
    BaskitsCelebrate Love$150
    Pacific Basket CompanySpecial Someone$157
    SweetaliciousChocolate Extravagance$165
    KairosSweet On The Way$170
    GTA Gift BasketsThe Grand Mirage$210
    BaskitsPerfect Night In$250
    Banff Gift BasketsDeluxe Rockies Romance$265

    Best Wine Gift Baskets Canada

    Wine gift baskets Canada are the perfect presents for those who love alcoholic drinks.

    Wine is one of the most fabulous beverages, especially for parties and celebrations. Reward your friends, colleagues, and loved ones with the best alcohol gift baskets. They will appreciate taking a delightful sip from the fine wines, kraft beers, and mature liquors.

    A strong glass of red or white wine can make your troubles dissipate. Delight your recipients with the best wine gift baskets!

    Here is a list of the best wine gift baskets in Canada:

    CompanyGift BasketsPrice
    Calabria MarketCandle Light & Bubbly$95
    Gift It UpBubbly$102
    Toronto BloomsAmple Wine$130
    VynoVyno Valencia$140
    A Basket CaseWine & Cheese$146
    BaskitsCelebration Rose$155
    Dazzle BasketImperial$180
    Le Petit PanierChampagne Cheers$185
    BaskitsNot Too Sweet$185

    Best Canadian Gift Basket Companies

    Canadian gift basket companies offer different selections of goodies and trinkets. You may have to explore a few choices to find the perfect present. Here is a list of the best gift basket companies in Canada:


    Baskits offers the best gift baskets in Toronto. This Canadian company has three stores across the GTA and delivers their products throughout Canada.
    Address74 Railside Road
    Toronto, ON, M3A 1A3
    Phone(416) 755-1100
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Gift Baskets Toronto

    Founded in 1985, Baskits is a leading Canadian company that offers the best gift baskets Toronto.

    Baskits offers the best gift baskets in Toronto. This award-winning Canadian company has earned an excellent reputation for curating premium gift baskets. Building upon decades of history, Baskits leads the way in providing thoughtful gifts in every niche imaginable. They have prosperous partnerships with the top brands in Canada, allowing access to vast selections of products. From gourmet food to holiday presents, you can shop for the best gift baskets at Baskits.

    Founded in 1985, Baskets soon became one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. Robin Kovitz stepped in as the President and CEO in 2014, bringing her enthusiasm, business acumen, and many creative ideas. The business thrived under Robin’s leadership, earning Baskets three consecutive years on the Top Growing Companies in Canada list by Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine. The Baskits team serves over 50,000 customers worldwide, including many Canadians and Americans. 

    Baskits Toronto

    Baskits sells its gift baskets at three Toronto retail store locations.

    Baskits has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It operates three conveniently located stores across the GTA. In addition, Baskits provides delivery across North America and concierge services for large-quantity orders. The Baskits customer support team can help answer questions and track orders. Rest assured that your gift baskets will arrive on time, giving a warm boost to your recipient’s day.

    Baskits offers their best gift baskets Toronto in these three store locations:

    Toronto Headquarters74 Railside Road
    Toronto, ON, M3A 1A3
    Midtown Toronto2 St. Clair Avenue East
    Toronto, ON, M4T 2T5
    Downtown Toronto
    (TD Bank Tower)
    66 Wellington St. W
    Toronto, ON Unit 1C M5J 2W4

    Baskit Reviews

    Baskits has received excellent reviews for its diverse selection of gift baskets Canada.

    Baskits is a perennial favourite among Canadians, receiving excellent reviews over the years. Customers appreciate the speedy delivery services in Canada or worldwide. In addition, the affordable prices and diverse selections of gift baskets are impressive. Baskits ensures each basket contains premium-quality presents, which will put a smile on the recipients’ faces. 

    The top products among the Baskits selection include: 

    Gourmet Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Baskits brings a touch of sophisticated class to its luxury gift baskets. Their thoughtfully curated baskets include tasty sweets, gourmet snacks, and valuable presents from premium Canadian and international brands. Explore the best gourmet gift baskets Toronto!

    Corporate Gift Baskets Toronto

    • These corporate gift baskets will help you forge a sincere connection with your clients, colleagues, and employees. They will enjoy an assortment of delightful snacks, business accessories, and fine liquors from leading retailers. Check out these corporate gift baskets!

    Best Gift Baskets at Baskits

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    RichmondCandy Gift Baskets$55
    StratfordSympathy Gift Baskets$75
    Tartan SmallChristmas Gift Baskets$75
    Goodbye GlutenHealthy Gift Baskets$100
    Bundle of JoyBaby Gift Baskets$120
    Home At LastCoffee Gift Baskets$120
    Celebrate LoveWedding Gift Baskets$150
    Forest HillCorporate Gift Baskets$160
    Not Too SweetWine Gift Baskets$185
    BalmoralGourmet Gift Baskets$300

    GTA Gift Baskets

    GTA Gift Baskets offers specially curated gift baskets Richmond Hill. This business serves the Greater Toronto Area since 2012.
    Address9961 Yonge Street
    Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T9
    Phone(416) 568-8009
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

    Gift Baskets Richmond Hill

    GTA Gift Baskets is a family-owned business that sells gift baskets in Richmond Hill. The company has over two decades of industry experience, offering speedy and reliable gift deliveries across the Greater Toronto Area. It specializes in baskets with fresh goods, like fruits, nuts, and healthy snacks. Additionally, it accommodates corporate clients with fruit platters, office gifts, and gourmet treats. GTA Gift Baskets ensures every order meets the customer’s satisfaction.

    The GTA Gift Baskets team has a sweet tooth. It offers yummy chocolate gift baskets that will satisfy your cravings. Among its product selection, some popular items include chocolate bars, truffles, and gourmet snacks. There are even chocolate gift baskets for wedding celebrations. In addition, GTA Gift Baskets provides gift baskets for special occasions like anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings, and birthdays. Express your lovely sentiments with the best gift baskets in the Greater Toronto Area!

    Chocolate Gift Baskets GTA

    • Delight your sweet tooth with the best selection of chocolate gift baskets. Between truffles and chocolate bars, GTA Gift Baskets offers recipients a tasty and savoury experience. You can even buy chocolate gift baskets to celebrate weddings!

    Anniversary Gift Baskets Richmond Hill

    • Anniversaries are special occasions that deserve a meaningful celebration. GTA Gift Baskets provides gift hampers, including snacks, fresh fruits, and healthy treats. Mark that special day with your loved ones as the two of you celebrate in style!

    Best Gift Baskets at GTA Gift Baskets

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Sweet SpaSpa Gift Baskets$116
    Precious ArrivalBaby Gift Baskets$146
    The Grand MirageWedding Gift Baskets$210
    Bellissimo CapolavoroCorporate Gift Baskets$246
    Gourmet HolidayChristmas Gift Baskets$296

    Peter & Paul’s Gifts

    Peter and Paul's Gifts is a company specializing in gift baskets Vaughan. The Canadian business offers gift baskets with free deliveries across Toronto.
    Address6260 Highway 7 Unit 1
    Vaughan, ON L4H 4G3
    Phone(905) 326-4438
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Gift Baskets Vaughan

    Peter & Paul’s Gifts provides customers with the best gift baskets in Vaughan. It specializes in premium and handmade products curated from the top Canadian brands. Since 1982, this Canadian business has brought decades of industry experience with constant creativity and innovation. This company is a part of the highly reputable Peter & Paul’s brand, which initially started as a restaurant. The franchise runs fourteen enterprises and event venues in total.

    Anna Eliopoulos is the owner of Peter & Paul’s Gifts. A hardworking entrepreneur, Anna ensures thought, care, and high quality among all gift baskets sold by the company. Its diverse product selection includes gourmet gifts, baked goods, home comforts, and care packages. In addition, there are dedicated gift baskets for him and her. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, you will find an assortment of goods sourced by Canadian brands. All online orders of gift baskets or floral arrangements above $100 receive free shipping across the GTA.

    Wine Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Wine is an excellent gift to include in gift baskets. Recipients will enjoy the finest liquors and alcohol sourced from Canada or worldwide. Additionally, the baskets contain snacks and goods that go with a lovely glass of red or white wine.

    Baby Gift Baskets Vaughan

    • Are you ready to celebrate your loved one’s bundle of joy? Mark the momentous occasion of childbirth with a baby gift basket! Enjoy items like toys, towels, accessories, comfort items, and more that will make the new parents’ lives easier.

    Best Gift Baskets at Peter & Paul’s Gifts

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Bubbles and ButterfliesSpa Gift Baskets$155
    Elite GearCorporate Gift Baskets$165
    GlobetrotterWine Gift Baskets$330
    Epicurean DelightGourmet Gift Baskets$350
    Treasure TroveChristmas Gift Baskets$475

    Baskets on the Run

    Baskets on the Run offers gift baskets North York. This family business has over 15 years of experience in Canada.
    Address5601 Steeles Ave W #5
    North York, ON M9L 1S7, Canada
    Phone(416) 748-2100
    HoursMonday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
    Wednesday, Thursday: 9:30am – 6:00pm

    Gift Baskets North York

    Baskets on the Run provides the best gift baskets in North York, Ontario. This small family business has over 15 years of experience providing quality presents in Canada. Baskets on the Run specializes in various niches, including corporate gift baskets, spa gift baskets, and gift baskets for any occasion. It also offers memory capsules for weddings and childbirths, allowing customers to capture precious moments in time.

    As a family business, Baskets on the Run brings a personal touch to its products and customer service. This Canadian company is all about celebrating special occasions with your loved ones. It offers gift baskets for milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and childbirth. In addition, Baskets on the Run released a “Signature Chest” collection on its 15th anniversary. This treasure chest contains unique, exclusive products imported from Europe.

    Baby Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Baskets on the Run offers various baby gift baskets to help you celebrate the momentous occasion of childbirth. From educational toys to baby essentials, new mothers and fathers will enjoy the gifts you’ve picked for them.

    Housewarming Gift Baskets North York

    • Moving into a new house or neighbourhood is worthy of celebration. You can bring the spirit of hospitality and generosity to any home with housewarming gift baskets. Enjoy practical gifts like soaps, creams, towels, and more.

    Best Gift Baskets at Baskets on the Run

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Poppy FairySpa Gift Baskets$75
    Kosher TreatsHealthy Gift Baskets$80
    Mommy And MeBaby Gift Baskets$115
    BistrotCorporate Gift Baskets$145
    Gourmet EscapeGourmet Gift Baskets$170


    Basketique offers the best gift baskets Mississauga. This Canadian business specializes in holiday gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets in Mississauga, Ontario.
    Address5100 Erin Mills Pkwy
    Mississauga, ON L5M 4Z5
    Phone(905) 997-3715
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Friday: 10:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday: 9:30am – 6:00pm, Sunday: 11:00am – 6:00pm

    Gift Baskets Mississauga

    Basketique is a Canadian business offering the best gift baskets in Mississauga. Founded in 1985, this gift basket specialist provides unique and high-quality gifts for every occasion. Basketique is a big fan of Christmas and the winter holidays. It offers bountiful holiday gift baskets with assorted goods like snacks, chocolates, comfort items, and more. Similarly, you will enjoy their holiday celebration baskets for any time of the year.

    Basketique feels dedicated to bringing that creative touch to every product it sells. Each gift basket comes with a handcrafted bow from the Basketique team. In addition to its baskets, the business also sells Christmas ornaments, figurines, and even engraving services with custom messages. You can add custom printing to everyday gift items like mugs, photo frames, or keychains. Basketique ensures every gift makes the recipients feel special and unique.

    Holiday Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Holidays are the best time for gift baskets. These presents will bring festive cheer to your recipients. From Christmas gift baskets to Canada Day gift baskets, Basketique has delightful goods for all occasions.

    Christmas Gift Baskets Mississauga

    • Celebrate the festive season with the best holiday gift baskets from Basketique. Your companions and loved ones will cheer heartily upon receiving cookies, chocolates, Xmas snacks, and Santa’s treasured goodies.

    Best Gift Baskets at Basketique

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Tea Time TreatsTea Gift Baskets$60
    Gluten-Free GourmetHealthy Gift Baskets$110
    Gondola Gourmet TreatsCandy Gift Baskets$185
    Sleighbells RingingChristmas Gift Baskets$250
    Premium PunchGourmet Gift Baskets$300

    Elevate Gift Arrangements

    Elevate Gift Arrangements offers excellent gift baskets Pickering. It specializes in many gift arrangements for different holidays and special occasions.
    Address688 Atwood Crescent
    Pickering, ON L1W 3W4
    Phone(647) 525-0622
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Gift Baskets Pickering

    Elevate Gift Arrangements Inc is a Canadian company specializing in gift arrangements. It also offers gift baskets in Pickering. Run by its friendly owner Stella, this small business has worked hard to mark a distinctive mark in its local community. Stella brings over 25 years of experience in the trade show and convention industry. She uses her connections and customer service background to curate unique gift basket selections.

    Elevate Gift Arrangements collaborates with artisans, small businesses, and local makers for its gift arrangements. It specializes in thoughtful spa gift baskets for her and him. Pamper your recipients with lotions, creams, bath accessories, and crystals. In addition, Elevate Gift Arrangements also offers cozy products to celebrate the birth of a newborn. Its baby gift baskets include everyday items like towels or socks. Expecting mothers and fathers will appreciate the practicality of your presents.

    Spa Gift Baskets Toronto

    • A spa gift basket provides a luxurious pampering experience. Recipients will feel rejuvenated with beauty products like lotions, creams, and bath accessories. Additionally, these gift baskets come with items like crystals to focus on your spiritual healing.

    Cozy Gift Baskets Pickering

    • Elevate Gift Arrangements offers cozy gift baskets for her and him. These baskets of goodies contain comfort items aimed to soothe the recipients. From towels to clothes, a cozy gift basket brings warmth, relaxation, and healing from you to your loved ones.

    Best Gift Baskets at Elevate Gift Arrangements

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Welcome Home Baby!Baby Gift Baskets$110
    Thinking of YouSympathy Gift Baskets$110
    RetreatSpa Gift Baskets$160
    Full of CheerChristmas Gift Baskets$165
    Deluxe HomeGourmet Gift Baskets$180

    Kairos Baskets

    Kairos Baskets offers gift baskets Milton. This Canadian business started in 2008 and specializes in gift baskets for various occasions.
    Address9105 Derry Road, Unit 1
    Milton, ON L9T 6W4
    Phone(289) 878-8878
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Thursday: 9:30am – 7:00pm, Friday: 9:30am – 6:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm, Sunday: 10:00am – 1:00pm

    Gift Baskets Milton

    Kairos Baskets offers the best gift baskets in Milton, Ontario. This family business started in 2008, carrying over a decade of hard work and experience. This proud Canadian company has proudly served the Milton community, providing its local citizens with quality gift baskets and arrangements. It specializes in birthday gift baskets that mark milestones like your 21st celebration or the big 60th anniversary. Kairos Baskets also offers holiday baskets for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions.

    Although Kairos primarily serves the Milton area, the business offers local shipping to surrounding areas. It can deliver gift baskets to Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, and other parts of the GTA. Each delivery even comes with the option to include a personalized message. In addition to its gift basket selections, Kairos offers exciting floral arrangements. These unique presents make the best gifts for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Best of all, you can order from Kairos any time in their 24/7 online store with speedy deliveries.

    Birthday Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Make each birthday memorable with the best gift baskets Canada. These baskets are ideal for recipients of all ages, from a 21st birthday bash to the big 60th anniversary. They contain items like snacks, chocolates, alcohol, and other goodies.

    Holiday Gift Baskets Milton

    • Celebrate every holiday in style with a gift basket arrangement! Kairos Baskets offers the best presents for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter. Each basket can include a custom message, allowing you to communicate your holiday spirit with the recipient.

    Best Gift Baskets at Kairos

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Precious ElephantBaby Gift Baskets$158
    Season’s GreetingsChristmas Gift Baskets$165
    Sweet On The WayWedding Gift Baskets$170
    VintageWine Gift Baskets$250
    Midnight AffairGourmet Gift Baskets$292

    Heavenly Flowers

    Heavenly Flowers offers the best gift baskets Thornhill. This Canadian florist specializes in flower gift baskets in Toronto.
    Address57 Glen Cameron Rd
    Thornhill, ON L3T 1P3
    Phone(905) 889-0715
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Thursday, Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Friday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

    Gift Baskets Thornhill

    Heavenly Fathers brings the best gift baskets in Thornhill and the GTA. Nilian& Lan Silva, a hardworking married couple, runs this small Canadian business. Together, they bring over 35 years of dedication, love, and small-town charm to the floral and gifts industry. Heavenly Father is a Toronto florist specializing in floral arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. They also provide various gift baskets to accompany your plants and flowers.

    Heavenly Father offers the best gift baskets with items curated from local businesses. Their product selection includes fruit and gourmet baskets, ideal for celebrating the holidays with loved ones and colleagues. Likewise, the company provides baby and bath gift baskets with essential goods for mommies and daddies. New parents will enjoy the mixture of bathroom accessories, baby clothes, and cute toys in the gift baskets. Heavenly Father aims to bring joy and celebration to every family.

    Fruit Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Browse a varied selection of fruit gift baskets from Heavenly Flowers. Their products include organic fruits accompanied by snacks, chocolates, and cozy goods. Their thoughtfully curated products aim to bring the recipients warmth and coziness.

    Flower Gift Baskets Thornhill

    • Heavenly Flowers is a Thornhill florist that specializes in floral arrangements. They offer a selection of suitable gift baskets that accompany your flowers and plants. Their gifts are ideal for anniversaries, weddings, and other family occasions.

    Best Gift Baskets at Heavenly Flowers

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Organic FruitHealthy Gift Baskets$150
    Sweet & SavouryCandy Gift Baskets$180
    DeluxeGourmet Gift Baskets$250
    Chocolate TimesChocolate Gift Baskets$300
    Wine & CheeseWine Gift Baskets$350

    For All Occasions

    For All Occasions offers gift baskets Newmarket. This small Canadian company has earned a stellar reputation for its customer service.
    Address17817 Leslie St
    Newmarket, ON L3Y 8C6
    Phone(905) 836-4417
    HoursMonday – Friday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

    Gift Baskets Newmarket

    For All Occasions is a specialist in gift baskets in Newmarket, Ontario. Established in 2001, the Canadian company brings over two decades of professional experience. It serves the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, its clientele has included many small businesses, corporate organizations, and charitable organizations. As the name implies, For All Occasions offers the best gift baskets for every holiday and memorable event. From birthdays to anniversaries, you can build a suitable custom gift basket.

    For All Occasions stocks its gift baskets with many delicious treats. Some of its bestselling products include chocolate-dipped goods, from delicious eclairs to savoury macarons. These delightful sweets make ideal holiday presents, although you can order them any time of the year. For All Occasions allows customers to personalize their gift baskets with the treats of their choice. The gift recipients will be delighted with a customized gift basket that perfectly matches their tastes.

    Chocolate Gift Baskets Canada

    • If your gift recipient loves sweets, you can prepare a customized chocolate gift basket. Personalize each basket with various treats, from chocolate-dipped strawberries to caramel chocolate bars. These gift baskets make great holiday gifts or simply for celebrating any occasion.

    Sweet Gift Baskets Newmarket

    • Delight your gift recipients with sweet gift baskets, which you can personalize to your liking. For All Occasions offers custom gift baskets with chocolate goods and delightful treats. Some of their bestselling items include chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate-coated candy canes.

    Basket to Biscuits

    Biscuits to Baskets is a Canadian chocolate shop that makes the best gift baskets Ajax. Its chocolate gift baskets contain delicious treats and goodies.
    Address49 Beatty Rd
    Ajax, ON L1S 1Z1
    Phone(416) 573-2004
    Email[email protected]
    HoursSaturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

    Gift Baskets Ajax

    Biscuits to Baskets is a chocolate shop in Ajax. This small Canadian business has served the Durham Region and nearby local communities since 2003. It specializes in various chocolate goods, including chocolate-covered caramel apples, strawberries, and dipped treats. In addition, Biscuits to Baskets offers the best chocolate gift baskets in Ajax, combining its favourite products in one convenient package. These gift baskets make the perfect holiday presents for recipients with sweet tooths.

    Suzanne Smith is the owner of Biscuits to Baskets. It started as a one-woman operation, but the business has since expanded to include the rest of her family. Suzanne and her loved ones are eager to bring delicious chocolate goodies to the Ajax community. They curate each gift basket with love, care, and a charming small-town flair. Open on weekends, Biscuits to Baskets also participates in local fairs and community initiatives. It is a firm believer in supporting small businesses. Please note all products are food safety approved.

    Chocolate Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Biscuits to Baskets offers the best chocolate gift baskets in the Ajax community. Each basket contains the company’s favourite staples, including chocolate-covered strawberries and caramel-dipped treats. Recipients with a sweet tooth will enjoy the delicious goodies in these gift baskets.

    Unique Gift Baskets Ajax

    • Are you looking for a unique gift basket with a personalized touch? Biscuit to Baskets presents a compelling alternative for those who want to give gifts with a local small-town charm. Its chocolate gift baskets are specially curated and not offered anywhere else outside the business.

    Basketful Boutique

    Basketful Boutique is the best gift baskets Burlington. This boutique shop offers many curated gift baskets, accessories, and home decor.
    Address181 Plains Rd West, Unit 3
    Burlington, ON L7T0B1
    Phone(905) 777-01911
    HoursTuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 3:00pm

    Gift Baskets Burlington Ontario

    Basketful Boutique is a one of the best gift shops in Burlington, Ontario. The diverse selection of gift baskets are casual, friendly, and suitable for celebrations. You can shop a diverse selection of products, from spa gift baskets to Valentine’s Day gift baskets. They come at affordable prices, perfect if you are on a modest budget. In addition, Basketful Boutique offers classic gifts, clothing, and other accessories that make ideal presents. This boutique is your one-stop shop if you need a gift for a friend or loved one.

    The owner, Marlene, runs Basketful Boutique with enthusiasm and friendliness. She opened this shop after retiring from a corporate career. Since then, Marlene has enjoyed committing to her passion for gift baskets. She loves chatting with customers, bringing a smile to their faces, and helping them pick the perfect present. As a long-time resident of Burlington, Ontario, Marlene firmly supports the local community. Basketful Boutique is a beacon of hospitality, representing the admirable spirit of small-town entrepreneurship.

    Spa Gift Baskets Canada

    • You can package everything delightful about a spa day as a gift basket! From comfort items to bath accessories, these baskets are perfect for pampering. As the gift recipients use each item, they will feel relaxed, like bringing the essence of the spa inside their homes.

    Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets Burlington

    • Show your love and appreciation with romantic Valentine’s Day gift baskets! These baskets may come with chocolates, stuffed animals, and a bottle of wine. They can help you celebrate with your loved one intimately, making this special occasion memorable.

    Village Grocer

    Village Grocer is a specialty grocery store that offers gift baskets Markham. It includes fresh fruits and organic foods in its bountiful gift baskets.
    Address4476 16th Ave
    Markham, ON L3R 0M1
    Phone(905) 940-0655
    HoursMonday – Friday: 8:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

    Gift Baskets Markham

    Village Grocer is a specialty grocery store in the Greater Toronto Area. It specializes primarily in baked goods, deli foods, meats, and seafood. However, this business also offers some of the best gift baskets in Markham. Village Grocer differs from many companies in this list because of its unique background. It has access to many fresh fruits, organic foods, and delicious snacks plucked from the cafe menu. The gift baskets contain many yummy treats that will satisfy the recipients.

    Located in the heart of Markham, Village Grocer is a popular hub for this small, thriving town. It includes a bakery, cafe, deli, and garden centre, conveniently situated beside one another. Customers can enjoy a tasty afternoon treat at the pizzeria before shopping for dinner ingredients at the adjacent deli. Beyond its underrated gift baskets, Village Grocer offers plenty of unique gifts for any occasion. Browse their impressive selection of kitchen entrees, organic goods, and floral arrangements for the perfect present.

    Food Gift Baskets Toronto

    • Buying gift baskets from a specialty grocery store is an excellent idea. You get access to organic foods and fresh fruits that aren’t available in many boutique shops. Village Grocer’s gift baskets are thoughtfully curated to include the most delicious and nutritious products.

    Healthy Gift Baskets Markham

    • Village Grocer is a firm believer in healthy foods. Its healthy gift baskets include nutritious foods, fruits, teas, nuts, jams, sauces, and snacks. In addition, you can enjoy gourmet gift baskets with baked goods. These items complement a glass of wine splendidly!

    Best Gift Baskets at The Village Grocer

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Gotta Havva JavaCoffee Gift Baskets$110
    All Fired UpBBQ Gift Baskets$125
    Classic ChristmasChristmas Gift Baskets$135
    Something SpecialHealthy Gift Baskets$135
    Thomas’ FavouritesGourmet Gift Baskets$275


    Givopoly is a Canadian gift basket company. It offers the best gift baskets Ottawa.
    Address15-2000 Thurston Dr
    Ottawa, ON K1G 4K7
    Phone(613) 702-1132
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

    Gift Baskets Ottawa

    Givopoly is a Canadian business that provides excellent gift baskets in Ottawa. Since starting in 2012, the company has received praise for its quality products, fast deliveries, and reliable customer service. It sources from local and global brands to curate the best gift baskets possible. The Givopoly catalogue is varied and affordable, including an eclectic selection of foods and products. It specializes predominantly in gifts for everyday occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

    Craig Hung and Susan Richards are the founders of Givopoly. They are ambitious entrepreneurs who have grown their small company to an influential business in the Ottawa community. Craig and Susan often collaborate with local organizations, partnering with hundreds of Canadian brands. Givopoly prioritizes its delivery service. It offers free deliveries for shipments up to 40km. Also, same-day deliveries are available seven days per week.

    Food Gift Baskets Canada

    • Are you hungry for a tasty treat? Givopoly offers delicious food gift baskets that deliver in Ottawa and across Canada. Its non-perishable food items include snacks, candies, chocolates, nuts, jams, sauces, and more.

    Get Well Gift Baskets Ottawa

    • Get well gift baskets are ideal for expressing your support. These gift baskets let the recipients know you are thinking about their well-being and recovery. These presents can be a tremendous morale booster, brightening their day.

    Best Gift Baskets at Givopoly

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Funny BunnyGet Well Soon Baskets$60
    Traditional FruitHealthy Gift Baskets$70
    A Bundle of JoyBaby Gift Baskets$96
    Chocolate HeavenChocolate Gift Baskets$138
    Fresh Fruit & GourmetGourmet Gift Baskets$185

    George’s Market

    George's Market & Celebrations offers the best gift baskets Thunder Bay. It also provides deli products, food trays, and platters.
    Address14 Balsam St
    Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5M7
    Phone(807) 345-7021
    Email[email protected]
    HoursMonday – Saturday: 9:00am – 9:00pm, Sunday: 10:00am – 9:00pm

    Gift Baskets Thunder Bay

    George’s Market & Celebrations is a local grocer, deli, and bakery in Thunder Bay, Ontario. This family business started in 1961, bringing over decades of experience. In addition to its food products, the company provides food trays, platters, and catering services. Also, it offers various floral arrangements and gift baskets in Thunder Bay. George’s Market & Celebrations aims to be a convenient one-stop-shop where residents can visit for meals and shopping.

    George’s Market specializes in fruit gift baskets and gourmet food gift baskets. Each basket is thoughtfully curated to include the best items from the business. You will enjoy popular products like fresh fruits, chocolates, biscuits, artisan jams, and baked goods. After purchase, the gift baskets should be available 24 hours later through pickup and delivery. George’s Market also offers shipping for its other products, from food platters to floral arrangements. You can expect many yummy snacks and treats from this Thunder Bay marketplace!

    Fruit Gift Baskets Canada

    • From apples to pineapples, fruit gift baskets make excellent gifts for any occasion. George’s Market & Celebrations uses fresh, organic fruits in its gift baskets. The recipients will love feasting on the sweet, juicy fruits in these baskets.

    Gourmet Gift Baskets Thunder Bay

    • George’s Market & Celebrations offers numerous gourmet food gift baskets. These baskets contain an assortment of classy and elegant goods. Their products come from local brands, so you are also supporting small businesses in the process.

    Best Gift Baskets at George’s Market

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    The Sweet ToothCandy Gift Baskets$100
    Christmas Tea & CofeeChristmas Gift Baskets$100
    Café CaféCoffee Gift Baskets$100
    With SympathySympathy Gift Baskets$100
    The UltimateGourmet Gift Baskets$150

    Baskets & Bouquets

    Baskets & Bouquets is a Canadian business that offers the best gift baskets Waterloo.
    Address580 Colby Drive, Unit 4
    Waterloo, ON N2V1A2
    Phone(519) 893-8122
    Email[email protected]
    HoursSaturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

    Gift Baskets Waterloo Ontario

    Baskets & Bouquets is a Canadian gift basket company that launched in 2021. It provides gift baskets in Waterloo and the surrounding areas. The diverse catalogue includes many baskets for everyday occasions. Some popular products include chocolate snacks, gourmet food, home accessories, and more. All products have reasonable prices, allowing customers to purchase gifts on various budgets. Baskets & Bouquets is proud to offer more affordable gift baskets than many other similar businesses.

    The owner, Dayana Snider, previously ran a family business called The Goodie Basket. Dayana takes her years of experience and brings it to her new enterprise. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the gift basket industry. Her insights have allowed the business to thrive since its launch, preparing many gift baskets that customers enjoy. In addition, Baskets & Bouquets offers fresh flowers, bouquets, and floral arrangements. They make excellent presents to complement your gift baskets.

    Coffee Gift Baskets Canada

    • Does your gift recipient enjoy a cup of joe in the morning? Coffee gift baskets offer many products they will love, from blends to beans. These baskets also come with various yummy snacks and kitchen accessories, making them the perfect present for coffee aficionados.

    Get Well Gift Baskets Waterloo

    • Get-well gift baskets allow the recipients to feel loved and appreciated during their recovery journey. A gift basket contains comfort items that will make them feel better mentally, like treats and drinks. These baskets are ideal for supporting someone during illnesses or injuries.

    Best Gift Baskets at Baskets & Bouquets

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Custom Fruit and ChocolateHealthy Gift Baskets$80
    Sweet and SavouryCandy Gift Baskets$105
    Classic ExecutiveCorporate Gift Baskets$115
    Chocolate TimesChocolate Gift Baskets$135
    President’s SelectionGourmet Gift Baskets$345

    Present Times

    Present Times is a Canadian gift basket company. It offers the best gift baskets Brantford, suitable for many holidays and special occasions.
    Address46 Charing Cross St
    Brantford, ON N3R 2H3
    Phone(519) 720-9988
    HoursMonday – Friday: 10:00am – 5:30pm, Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

    Gift Baskets Brantford

    Present Times provides unique gift baskets in Brantford, Ontario. It offers a creative product catalogue, which differs from most Canadian gift basket companies. Recipients will love the gourmet goods from premium brands, including wines, truffles, and exotic snacks. Many items come with high prestige, adding to the value and sophistication of your presents. Present Times also loves including a few delightful surprises in every basket so the recipients receive something new and unexpected.

    Present Times specializes in corporate gift-giving. Its luxury products are excellent for clients, especially around the holidays. In addition, you can offer specialty baskets for coworkers, managers, and employees, rewarding their hard work throughout the year. Present Times also provides gift baskets for holidays and everyday occasions. The baskets can celebrate a housewarming, new babies, anniversaries, or simply act as a token of appreciation. You can give these presents any time of the year. The season of giving is year-round!

    Unique Gift Baskets Canada

    • A unique gift basket contains items that may pleasantly surprise the recipients. Present Times have put thought and care into designing creative gift baskets with innovative items. From exotic snacks to gourmet wines, the catalogue differs from many other Canadian gift basket companies.

    Employee Gift Baskets Brantford

    • As managers, you can award your team with employee gift baskets. These baskets express your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Employees will enjoy favourite items like snacks, foods & alcohol. They can enjoy a glass of wine to unwind after a hard day’s work.

    Best Gift Baskets at Present Times

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Great SnacksCandy Gift Baskets$73
    With SympathySympathy Gift Baskets$115
    The Cozy SpaSpa Gift Baskets$150
    With SnugglesBaby Gift Baskets$160
    The ExecutiveCorporate Gift Baskets$180

    Jill’s Table

    Jill's Table is a Canadian culinary store specializing in kitchen essential. It offers various products, including artisfan foods, kitchen gadgets, and gift baskets London.
    Address115 King Street
    London, ON N6A 1C3
    Phone(519) 645-1335
    HoursMonday – Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday: 11:00am – 4:00pm

    Gift Baskets London Ontario

    Jill’s Essentials is a culinary store in London, Ontario. Since 1999, this Canadian business has provided a diverse assortment of kitchen essentials. Some popular products include specialty food, kitchen appliances, recipe books, and cookware. In addition, it also offers some of the best gift baskets in London. All their baskets carry a food-related theme, containing various foods, beverages, spices, condiments, and ingredients. Jill’s Essentials curate its gift baskets with products from reputable brands, ensuring your presents are classy and elegant.

    Besides its gift baskets, Jill’s Essentials provide various specialty foods. The business sells jams, oils, sauces, snacks, and sweets. It also offers high-quality kitchen gadgets and utensils, from spatulas to chopping boards. Cooking enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the vast catalogue and picking out items that match their needs. Additionally, Jill’s Essentials offers regular culinary classes. You can learn recipes from the pros, with new seminars added almost weekly.

    Food Gift Baskets Canada

    • Enjoy a delicious mix of artisan foods, gourmet ingredients, and healthy treats from these yummy gift baskets. Jill’s Tables stocks each basket with the best culinary products from reputable brands. From jams to sauces, your recipients will be amazed by the selection of foods on offer.

    Bespoke Gift Baskets London

    • Does your gift recipient have a particular taste that’s hard to please? Consult with the Jill’s Table experts for a thoughtfully personalized bespoke gift basket. With an expert’s help, you will fill the baskets with the yummiest gifts that range from artisan jams to charcuterie boards.

    Best Gift Baskets at Jill’s Table

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Chocolate LoversChocolate Gift Baskets$95
    Canadiana Eh!Canadian Gift Baskets$95
    A Taste of ItalyFood Gift Baskets$135
    Festive BasketsChristmas Gift Baskets$150
    Pizza LoversPizza Gift Baskets$200

    Le Petit Panier Gift Studio

    Le Petit Panier Gift Studio specializes in gift baskets Sudbury. This Canadian business offers classy and elegant gift baskets for all occasions.
    Address280 Caswell Dr
    Sudbury, ON P3E 2N8
    Phone(705) 523-5601
    Email[email protected]

    Gift Baskets Sudbury

    Le Petit Panier Gift Studio is a supplier of gift baskets in Sudbury, Ontario. It specializes in wine, liquor, and beer gift baskets. If your gift recipient is an avid drinker, they will enjoy the fine selection of boozes and spirits at Le Petit Panier. Choose from a vast selection of kraft beers, premium wines, and the most potent liquors. In addition, each basket comes with various snacks and treats that go well with the alcoholic beverages. These wine gift baskets are perfect for holidays, anniversaries, and memorable celebrations.

    Dominique, the owner of Le Petit Panier Gift Studio, took over the business in 2017. She merged it with an existing company, Branches & Baskets, creating this current enterprise. Dominique is a driven entrepreneur, always looking to develop new, innovative gift baskets. She listens carefully to customer feedback to determine how to grow the product catalogue. Le Petit Panier Gift Studio has branched out into offering gift boxes and other classic gifts in its online shop. Deliveries are available across the Greater Sudbury Area.

    Wine Gift Baskets Canada

    • Wine gift baskets make excellent presents for friends, family, and colleagues. Le Petit Panier Gift Studio offers baskets with fine wines made domestically and internationally. Bring your glasses and take a sip, because you and your gift recipients deserve to celebrate in style.

    Beer Gift Baskets Sudbury

    • Kraft beers have become popular items in gift baskets in recent years. Many people love the unique, flavourful taste that differs from wines or liquors. At Le Petit Panier Gift Studio, you can browse a selection of beer gift baskets. Choose the best beverages that will delight your recipients.

    Best Gift Baskets at Le Petit Panier

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Sweet & Savoury SnacksCandy Gift Baskets$85
    Craft BeerBeer Gift Baskets$100
    Welcome BabyBaby Gift Baskets$100
    Chocolate LoverChocolate Gift Baskets$120
    Champagne CheersWine Gift Baskets$185

    Market Fresh

    Market Fresh is a leading grocer in Guelph, Ontario. It offers the best selection of gift baskets Guelph.
    Address10 Paisley St
    Guelph, ON N1H 2N6
    Phone(519) 823-8046
    HoursMonday – Sunday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

    Gift Baskets Guelph

    Market Fresh is a gourmet grocer in Guelph, Ontario. It provides delicious takeout meals and professional catering services, including corporate catering for events. The business is famous for its yummy, flavourful foods, earning excellent reviews from new and returning customers. Additionally, Market Fresh offers gourmet gift baskets with the best products from premium brands. Each basket contains a bounty of food, drinks, snacks, and treats. They are popular choices for celebrations.

    Market Fresh started in 2000. Over the past two decades, this independent family business has become a thriving hub of the Guelph community. It combines a grocer, deli, bakery, butcher shop, and local kitchen as one convenient entity. The business emphasizes fresh and organic foods, ideal for healthy dining. Market Fresh also offers a famous pizzeria with a delicious menu. All their pizza crusts are vegan. Plus, gluten-free shells are available upon request. 

    Gourmet Gift Baskets Canada

    • Gourmet gift baskets contain high-quality products from premium brands. These items come with sophistication and prestige, making them excellent presents when you want to impress the recipients. Each basket comes with a variety of snacks, chocolates, and wines.

    Seasonal Gift Baskets Guelph

    • Celebrate the arrival of a new season with your friends and loved ones! Seasonal gift baskets make fantastic presents because they contain products that inspire delight, relaxation, and excitement. From yummy treats to savoury wines, these baskets are a bundle of joy!

    Best Gift Baskets at Market Fresh

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    White ChristmasChristmas Gift Baskets$80
    Local BoxFood Gift Baskets$100
    Holly JollyHoliday Gift Baskets$105
    Seasons GreetingsSeasonal Gift Baskets$140
    Merry & BrightGourmet Gift Baskets$200

    Imagine It Gift Baskets

    Imagine It Gift Baskets is an award-winning Canadian gift basket company. It is recognized as offering the best gift baskets Kitchener.
    Address72 St Leger St, Suite 313
    Kitchener, ON N2H 6R4
    Phone(519) 823-8046
    HoursMonday – Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

    Gift Baskets Waterloo Ontario

    Imagine It Gift Baskets is an award-winning gift basket company in Waterloo, Ontario. This Canadian business is committed to delivering budget-friendly gift baskets for different occasions. It offers a versatile catalogue, including baskets for anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, and other milestones. Its products come from local and international brands, creating an exciting mix of foods, drinks, and accessories. Additionally, Imagine It provides custom gift baskets that you can design with unique, personalized items.  

    Imagine It launched in 2017 and has grown significantly over the years. In 2020, the business won the “Best Gift Baskets” and “Best Online Store” distinctions from the Waterloo Region Record Reader Choice Awards. The recognition mirrors the company’s core values of hard work, friendly service, and affordable products. The entire team is committed to delivering quality and excellence with every item sold. Imagine It has exciting plans to grow its catalogue. It aims to provide more corporate gift baskets and alcohol gift baskets that reflect customers’ wants.

    Anniversary Gift Baskets Canada

    • Anniversaries are momentous occasions that deserve a worthy celebration. Anniversary gift baskets offer bounties of treats and drinks that will get the festivities started. You can customize an anniversary gift basket for your recipients, filling it with items that match their personalities.

    Alcohol Gift Baskets Guelph

    • Alcohol gift baskets make excellent gifts because they convey class, sophistication, and maturity. Each basket contains various gourmet products, including wines, cheeses, meats, and snacks. Enjoy a vast selection of fine wines, famous champagnes, or classic beers, which will impress the recipients.

    Best Gift Baskets at Imagine It

    Gift BasketsTypePrice
    Cozy ComfortsCandy Gift Baskets$95
    The SocialSympathy Gift Baskets$100
    Whiskey MixWine Gift Baskets$160
    Warm WishesChristmas Gift Baskets$160
    The RoyaleGourmet Gift Baskets$210

    Best Gift Baskets Canada FAQ

    Who makes the best gift baskets in Canada?

    Baskits offers the best selection of gift baskets in Canada. This award-winning Canadian company is the industry leader, providing a diverse catalogue of baskets for every occasion.

    What are the best gift basket ideas?

    The best gift basket ideas are snacks. Many recipients love munching on tasty little treats that can brighten their day. From candies to chocolates, they are popular presents for most recipients.

    Where do I buy gift baskets in Toronto?

    You can buy Toronto gift baskets from Baskits. This leading company has three Toronto locations, making it convenient to pick up your orders. You can find its head store at 74 Railside Road in Downtown Toronto. In addition, it also has retail stores at other nearby locations.

    How much are gift baskets on average?

    Gift baskets cost $50 to $150 on average. The prices vary depending on the products inside the baskets. Some expensive items, like wines or coffees, will increase the overall pricing. In contrast, cheap gift baskets with candies or fruits are suitable for those shopping on a budget.

    Where can I buy cheap gift baskets?

    You can buy affordable gift baskets at Baskits. It offers a comfortable range of prices that will accommodate different budgets, from modest to extravagant. Those willing to spend more can purchase high-end luxury gift baskets from Baskits.