Riesling, Moscato, and Prosecco are the sweetest wines that taste like juice.

Sweetest Wines – 10 Best Wines That Taste Like Juice

Wine is a fabulously varied beverage with a range of many delicious flavours. Some wines can be an acquired taste, appealing to those with stronger or more potent tastebuds. Likewise, other wines are enjoyable because they have a light, fruity taste. Although not for everyone, many wine drinkers enjoy sweet wines that taste like juice. These drinks are ideal if you want something lighter, sweeter, and more unique than your usual bottle of wine. The sweetest wines can produce a delightful experience.

Some people argue that wine and juice are two distinct flavours that do not mix. Nonetheless, there are many drinkers who enjoy sweet wines. Who’s to say that wine should only have one specific taste? Expand your horizons and treat your tastebuds to some sweet, juicy wines.

Here is a list of the ten sweetest wines that taste like juice:

Best Wines That Taste Like Juice

White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is one of the sweetest wines that tastes like juice.

White Zinfandel is one of the sweet wines that taste like juice. This wine is identifiable by its translucent pink colour. It is made from Zinfandel grapes, and gets its pink colour from the grape skins that are crushed in and then quickly removed. White Zin is appreciated for its mild flavour, and is described as having a “fruit-punch flavour profile.”

It often gives off hints of citrus, strawberry, and raspberry, among other fruit, and is highly recommended for those who are not fond of dry wines. White Zin can be so sweet that you’ll have your glass finished before you even realize it, without leaving that puckering, dry feeling in your mouth that you might get from other wine.


Riesling is a wine that tastes like apple juice.

The German Riesling is one of the best wines that taste like apple juice. Although drier varieties exist, it is much more commonly known as a very light, sweet, almost tinkling drink.

New wine drinkers, non wine drinkers, and seasoned oenophiles with a sweet tooth will all enjoy this highly acidic wine that shares delicious hints of jasmine and green apple.


Moscato boasts fruity and floral flavours.

Moscato is a sweet wine that boasts fruity and floral flavours. Made from Muscat grapes, and sometimes blended with a red wine or red grape to create a Pink Moscato, this wine is another that will go down without a fight.

In most instances, Moscato is served as a dessert wine. However, don’t categorize it too tightly. This wine can be a fresh beverage for a hot day, a lovely spritz at brunch, or an evening sipper.

Tokaji Aszú

Tokaji Aszú is one of the sweetest wines that taste like juice.

Tokaji Aszú is one of the sweetest wines that taste like juice. This wine hails from Hungary, and ranks high on the very-sweet scale. It is actually made of grapes that have developed Botrytis cinerea, a rot that concentrates the grape’s sugars.

The Tokaji Aszú delights the tongue with light tangerine and apricot flavours, as well as the creamy sweetness of honey and marzipan. You’ll also taste a hint of ginger and saffron as you sip this highly acidic, medium-bodied wine.


Prosecco is a sweet tasting sparkling wine.

Prosecco is sparkling wine at its finest. and not just for special occasions. This fizzy drink brings gentle pear and apricot flavours to your tastebuds as you sip.

Prosecco is a great wine that tastes like juice. It is perfect for those who are searching for a sweet sip, whether they’re working to acquire a palette for wine, or whether they’re already well-versed in what wine has to offer.


Merlot has a sweet taste of juice.

Ther Merlot is one of the more commonly found red wines with a sweet taste of juice. It’s one of the most sold red wines for a reason: it tastes good.

Merlot is typically sweeter, containing decadent flavours like chocolate and deep red fruits. This mild wine is good for beginners or those with a sweet tooth. Merlot is also a great addition to include in the best gift baskets Canada.


Concord is a red wine that tastes like grape juice.

Concord is a red wine that tastes like grape juice. Since Concord grapes don’t actually have very much natural sugar in them, one would think that Concord wine would be less sweet. However, this wine still comes with rich, juicy flavours.

Due to the lack of natural sugars in the grapes, sugar is actually added to the wine. This ingredient makes Concord sweet and syrupy. It is described as having the flavour of grape soda, with a fizzy, sweet, almost artificial grape flavour in its undertones. In fact, the typical “artificial grape” flavour you probably know so well is mimicked from the flavour of Concord grapes.


Lambrusco is a sweet Italian wine that tastes like juice.

Lambrusco is a sweet Italian wine that tastes like juice. It is a semi-sparkling wine that will remind you of dark berries, like blackberries and cherries.

Since Lambrusco grapes are not very naturally sweet, the sweetness in Lambrusco is either created through fermentation or by adding concentrated grape must. Alternatively, this wine can also come in dry varieties that won’t remind you of juice.


Branchetto is a sweet and lightly fizzed Italian wine.

Brachetto is a sweet, lightly fizzed Italian wine that will remind you of your childhood with its fun candied flavours. It is almost devoid of tannins, meaning it won’t leave any dry or puckering feeling in your mouth, and it also doesn’t have much bitterness.

This sweet wine is very versatile, meaning there are some which tend towards the dry side, but when it’s sweet, it’s really sweet. Brachetto is well-liked for the hints of honey, chamomile and light yellow and green fruits, like apples and pears.

Ice wine

Ice wine is one of the sweetest wines that taste like juice.

Ice wine can taste very sweet, almost like juice. Although ice wine is served chilled, that’s not where it gets its name. The trick with ice wine is that the grapes in the vineyard have to freeze before they are harvested, which concentrates the grape juice.

This is an incredibly sweet wine, that will make you forget you’re drinking wine at all. Enjoy the incredibly sweet pineapple, lychee, and honeysuckle flavours as you sip away. Cheers!