Best Crystals for Fertility – 9 Crystals for Healthy Pregnancy

The journey to parenthood can be overwhelming and worse if it takes longer than expected. Crystals have been used for years to boost fertility, a tradition that has remained significant. The best crystals for fertility can calm down anxiety, reduce pain, and create peace of mind. They also help you focus, keeping you aligned with your fertility goals. Crystals are ideal for all stages of pregnancy, from initial conception to second or third trimesters.

Although being a parent is a beautiful experience, it comes with many challenges. Because of this, crystals can be of great assistance. To this day, no scientific facts have been connected to using crystals. Nonetheless, thousands of people have witnessed their effectiveness and benefits. Many will vouch that crystals are a great addition to any pregnant woman’s toolkit. Alongside using your best fertility crystals, remain positive throughout the pregnancy to boost the functionality of the little magic stones.

Crystals are meant to interact favourably with our energy field to comfort, protect, balance, and heal it. They can be a calm yet powerful tool for the beautiful process of bringing a new life into the world. A crystal against your body may be comforting during pregnancy. The ancient practice of having crystals close by during pregnancy invokes the power of our ancestors and all the wise women that have gone before us.

Throughout your pregnancy, don’t forget to attend all of your fertility clinic appointments and heed their advice. For an added well-being boost, crystals can improve your attitude, vitality, and home atmosphere when utilized in tandem as a holistic therapy.

Crystals can make pregnancy and parenthood more joyful. Here are the nine best crystals for fertility:

Best Crystals for Pregnancy

    How to use healing crystals for fertility

    The rose quartz is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    If you’re a beginner, there are several ways you can use fertility crystals for the best results. The existing users have probably pinpointed their favourite method or two. You can still change how to use crystals for pregnancy whenever you feel like it.

    • Dip them in a glass jar filled with clean water and place them under the moonlight. 
    • You can place them in your womb whenever you meditate or sleep. 
    • A selenite, wooden, or grid bowls can also be perfect for crystals. 
    • You can purchase a jewelry-like string of crystals and wear it as an ornament. It is the most preferred method for many crystal users due to its ease of portability, convenience, and comfort. 
    • Blend your crystal meditation sessions with scented candles, essential oils, favourite images, and other sacred objects. 
    • You can set your crystal under running water, which is most effective for one-time meditations. 
    • Carrying your crystals in your favourite purse or bag has also proven helpful. 

    Best Crystals for Fertility

    Rose Quartz 

    Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    Rose Quartz is considered one of the best crystals for fertility. The pale pink and shiny stone can do wonders for your life if you’re on the mission to great motherhood. Rose quartz has endless showers of love and energy, enough for the rest of your journey until the last lap. Rose Quartz, the pink mother of all gemstones, communicates comfort and love more than any other stone. Anyone who needs to feel connected to oneself or others will love it!

    The balance of your family shifts as your pregnancy progresses. Being joined at the hip by another person can make you more frightened and dependent on others for help. However, this may be difficult for you and any other children you may already have who may have their demands. Thankfully, Rose Quartz will keep love strong throughout these significant changes because it fosters intimacy despite how chaotic life may get.

    The rose quartz helps with compassion, confidence, and a deep bond with your newly formed child. The pink magic wonder will have you embrace your current state, free from anxiety or guilt. You might conceive more quickly than you thought. 


    Carnelian is one of the best crystals for pregnancy.

    Carnelian is one of the best crystals for pregnancy. It is a passionate stone that exudes all the colours of life, giving you the strength and courage to enter motherhood. This red-orange crystal has fiery patches of dark lines. From various testimonials, the crystal is the goddess of all fertility crystals. If you’re trying to conceive, this crystal will eliminate any negative blocks along the way, stimulating the sacral chakra and boosting the functionality of the reproductive organs.

    Carnelian is an excellent crystal for stability thanks to its ability to balance hormones and reduce chances of irritation or mood swings. Experts have proven the precious stone stimulates one’s sexuality. It also increases the chances of conceiving, especially when aligned with the user’s menstrual cycle (for female users). Some pieces of carnelian could probably be what you’ve been missing on your fertility journey. 

    Carnelian is a powerful stone that can enhance your stamina to deal with parenthood issues at any stage of pregnancy. It strengthens and assists the organs in healing. It also helps you heal from the inside out, which is fantastic for providing energy during birthing! The potent stone carnelian will stimulate your libido. This stone and other fertility symbols like Tiger’s Eye should be utilized if you want to become pregnant. It keeps you grounded and make you feel invincible during pregnancy.


    Moonstone is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    Moonstone is one of the most helpful crystals whether you’re trying to get pregnant or preparing to give birth. It is driven by the moon’s energy, representing yin power and female cycles. The relaxing effects help maintain calm moods no matter what is going on in our life and keep the monthly cycle on track.

    Moonstone is one of the most extraordinary crystals to use if you’re trying to conceive. It works with cycles and femininity by soothing and stabilizing the nervous system to make conception simple! It is supposed to aid with fluid retention, restore hormonal balance, and encourage the acceptance of fresh starts and new beginnings.


    Aventurine is one of the best crystals for pregnancy.

    The Aventurine crystal is the answer if you want a crystal that will protect and bless you and your soon-to-be baby. Mainly available in shades of green, the stone is known for its unmatchable dose of good luck and gentle peace to the user. This crystal conveys feminine energy throughout the conceiving journey.

    Besides its effects on fertility, aventurine creates a world of love and solid foundations for the mother, baby, and everyone else. Use Aventurine to fortify the relationship with your unbourn child.


    Unakite is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    Unakite is a stone of love and motherhood. Its springtime hues make those who wear it feel young, vibrant, and emotionally amplified, especially pregnant ladies! Your heart will hunger for what lies ahead as the Heart Chakra opens up to embrace a new existence.

    During pregnancy, unakite is a source of support. It motivates you to continue this journey while maintaining your health and well-being. The smooth stone is a wonder for balancing hormones and the entire reproductive system. The unakite stone also encourages the free flow of good feelings, keeping you in touch with your heart core.

    Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals for pregnancy.

    The Clear Quartz crystal is an excellent crystal for fertility. It is icy-white and bright in colour, transparent enough to symbolize a stress-free journey to conceiving. Another advantage of using clear quartz is that you’ve unlimited options to use it in any field of your life besides fertility. 

    This stone achieves the energy and peace you’ve been dreaming of in your fertility journey. Professionals and testimonials have also attached the clear quartz crystal to enhance the healing process for victims of miscarriage or infant loss. 

    Green Jade

    Green Jade is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    Green Jade is one of the best crystals for pregnancy. Formerly, pregnant mothers or those who sought to conceive can testify how minor irritations turned into big deals. Your boss might summon you twice and soon fall close to bursting into tears. That’s where the green jade fertility crystal comes in. 

    This dark yellowish-green crystal sets your aura on the highest level, keeping you energized, alongside a constant reminder that you’re the fairest of them all. Green jade crystals boost fertility hormones’ release and bring you peace and good luck throughout the journey.


    Lapis is one of the best crystals for pregnancy.

    The Lapis is an excellent crystal for expecting mothers. This crystal eases the anxieties after giving birth. The physical and logistical difficulties of caring for a new family member enhance your psychic abilities. You can develop your intuition by working with Lapis crystals when you are expecting. 

    A parent can use the Third Eye chakra to get insight into what is ahead in life. When your child is born, you can never predict what will happen, but you may get ready in advance. With this crystal, you are prepared to move and respond whenever life throws you a curveball.


    Flourite is one of the best crystals for fertility.

    Fluorite is a bright stone with a water-like hue, This crystal can calm your anxieties and promote happiness in all areas of your life. It’s a great detox for people with negative energy since it revives them by absorbing their tensions and clears self-doubt or problematic thought patterns when used during the maternal journey.

    The stone fluorite is a source of amazement and optimism. This mineral not only has calming hues, but it aids the body’s absorption of nutrients during pregnancy.