Best Plungers – 20 Types of Toilet Plungers

A plunger is an essential tool in any bathroom. Everyone should have a plunger close by if a toilet emergency needs to be addressed. The best plungers can push through a clog and restore your toilet’s function when there’s trouble. Some toilet plungers are better than others. What may seem like minute differences in design can make noticeable differences in performance.

A sink plunger is different from a toilet plunger. You shouldn’t use a toilet plunger anywhere other than the toilet to avoid the chance of bacteria spreading. A sink plunger is its tool, and an underrated one at that. The sink plunger is ideal when you have to unclog a drain. Applying the right pressure behind its pump should take care of any backed-up plumbing issues.

  • Best toilet plungers: MR.SIGA, SimpleHuman
  • Best sink plungers: Master Plunger, Liquid Plumb
  • Most popular toilet plunger: Mr. Clean
  • Most popular sink plunger: Luigi’s
  • Cheapest toilet plunger: Kendik Toilet Plunger
  • Cheapest sink plunger: MintCraft
  • Best accordion plungers: JS Jackson Supplies, Master Plunger

Here are the twenty best sink and toilet plungers to buy:

List of Best Plungers

    Best Plungers for Toilets & Sinks

    Mr. Siga Toilet Plunger

    MR. SIGA offers one of the best toilet plungers.

    MR. SIGA offers one of the best toilet plungers for the bathroom. This plunger comes with a stand and drip tray, keeping everything together. The addition of the toilet brush will help minimize messes. 

    Available in glossy black and white, MR.SIGA provides a unique aesthetic for a toilet plunger. The plunger itself is durable and can last for a long time, making it a favourite among Mississauga plumber technicians. Due to its thickness, this plunger requires strong arms to operate.

    SimpleHuman Toilet Plunger

    SimpleHuman provides one of the best plungers for toilets.

    The SimpleHuman plunger is one of the best plungers for the toilet. It has a sleek design and comes with a caddy. Although this toilet plunger is more expensive than you may find at Walmart, its performance is excellent. 

    SimpleHuman plungers come with a 5-year warranty. If the style or aesthetic matters to you, a SimpleHuman plunger will easily fit into any modern-minimalist bathroom.

    Korky Beehive Max Toilet Plunger

    Korky provides one of the best plungers for the toilet.

    Korky Beehive Max is one of the best universal plungers. This device is defined by a soft, pliable plunging end and a T-shaped handle. It will work on any toilet drain, allowing you to get a good grip on it and work it. 

    Korky Beehive Max is one of the best toilet plungers with glowing reviews. However, some buyers have complained that the bell can flip inside out. Tapping it against the toilet rim will snap it back into place.

    Blue Donuts Toilet Plunger

    Blue Donuts offers one of the best toilet plungers.

    Blue Donuts is an excellent choice if you want a toilet plunger hidden or a holder obscuring its look. Its unique selling point is the ventilated canister. The Blue Donuts plunger is placed inside its metal canister and remains invisible. 

    The Blue Donuts toilet plunger will remain discreet in a bathroom without cabinets or hiding spots. Highly decorative, the only drawback is the small size compared to the best plungers.

    CLOG BOSS Toilet Plunger

    The CLOG BOSS is one of the best toilet plungers.

    The CLOG BOSS is one of the best toilet plungers. It’s a no-splash toilet plunger for toilets and any drain, sink, or shower. However, the company has not recommended using the same plunger for all occasions. 

    The universal tip creates a high-pressure seal. This toilet plunger allows you to work quickly, dislodging any clogs in the pipe.

    Neiko Toilet Plunger

    Neiko has one of the best heavy-duty plungers for toilets.

    The Neiko All-Angle plunger is one of the best heavy-duty plungers. It gets tough jobs done quickly and provides tight suction on many shapes and sizes of toilets. The extra-long handle allows you to reach further into the drain if needed. 

    This plunger does not come with a caddy. However, it has a peg hole on the handle, perfect for hanging. Please note that Neiko plungers are not guaranteed to work on all toilets.

    JS Jackson Supplies Accordion Plunger

    Jackson Supplies has one of the best accordion plungers for toilets.

    The JS Jackson Supplies Accordion toilet plunger is an excellent choice for homeowners. Once you’ve used an accordion plunger, it’s hard to use anything else. This type of toilet plunger is very efficient at plunging. It can take in more volume and push more force into the pipe. 

    This toilet plunger is made from thick, resilient plastic with a rugged design. It’s also available in multiple colour. Since it does not come with a drip tray or a caddy, storing this plunger may be an issue for some.

    Master Plunger Toilet Plunger

    Master Plunger offers a good heavy-duty plunger for toilets.

    The Master Plunger MP500-3TB Heavy Duty is one of the best accordion plungers for the toilet. The durable plastic and collapsing design allow you to break up tough clogs with many volumes. It comes complete with a tall bullet to act as a drip tray. 

    The Master Plunger has an air-relief valve to allow the plunger to fill with water. It then closes for lots of suction and pressure, but without the risk of spray or overflow. The only downside is the handle is made from plastic, making it less durable than the rest of the plunger.

    OXO Toilet Plunger

    OXO Good Grips offers one of the best looking toilet plungers.

    The OXO Good Grips toilet plunger is widely available at many stores. Homeowners often favour this popular toilet plunger due to its modern, sleek look and caddy. The OXO Good Grips toilet plunger has a ventilated canister and drip tray. 

    This plunger is a stylish pick, and it works on most toilets. The only disadvantage is that the suction on the OXO plunger seems a bit weak compared to other plungers.

    Mr. Clean Toilet Plunger

    Mr. Clean is one of the most famous brands for plungers.

    Mr. Clean is one of the most famous toilet plungers worldwide. The Mr. Clean Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy set is affordable and provides a full set of tools for the bathroom. It’s a fairly basic set only available in one colour, but it works. 

    The Mr. Clean plunger comes with a non-slip canister. The handles are a little short, but it’s a thoughtful choice for a toilet needing a plunger.

    Kendik Toilet Plunger

    Kendik is an excellent toilet plunger for homeowners.

    The Kendik is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable toilet plunger. This toilet plunger comprises a basic wood handle and a rubber plunging end. It’s lightweight and made from recycled tire rubber material.

    The Kendik toilet plunger is far less expensive than some of the other premium plungers on this list. Using it comes with maximum suction and minimum effort.

    Korky Beehive Max Universal Plunger

    Korky provides one of the best plungers for the sink.

    The Korky Beehive Max Universal Plunger is one of the best sink plungers. This powerful plunger can work on sinks and toilets. This pump-activated plunger will send a direct water blast down the kitchen sink drain and unclog anything there.

    The small stature of the Korky makes it easy to tuck away in the cabinet under the sink. As this is an air-powered plunger, some hand-pumping is required. Getting a tight seal over the sink drain may make it difficult for someone not used to it. 

    SimpleHuman Sink Plunger

    SimpleHuman provides one of the best plungers for sinks.

    The SimpleHuman plunger is a toilet plunger that works well on sink drains. This plunger won’t fit every drain. However, for those that it does, it is a durable plunger that will put the necessary pressure downward to clear out clogs. 

    The SimpleHuman plunger has a stainless steel handle that will ensure it withstands use after use without issue. An excellent overall plunger, a homeowner, can have one for their toilet and another for the sink.

    PlumbCraft Mini Home Plunger

    PlumbCraft offers one of the best sink plungers for kitchens and bathrooms.

    The PlumbCraft Mini Home Plunger is one of the best plungers for the sink, tub, and shower. It fits over any drain smaller than 4.5 inches and will store easily under the sink. For a sink drain, it’s the perfect plunger. 

    The bellows-style tool is best used on flat drains and will provide the pressure you need to clear most clogs quickly. If you aren’t sure what to buy for a sink plunger, the PlumbCraft comes highly recommended.

    Liquid Plumb Mini Sink Plunger

    Liquid Plumb is one of the best plungers for sinks.

    The Liquid Plumb mini sink plunger is excellent for plumbing emergencies, especially in the kitchen. It has a non-slip handle, a high-quality rubber cup, and a nice design for the kitchen sink. The extra small size makes it easy to handle.

    With a customer satisfaction guarantee, you’re sure to get some long-term use out of the Liquid Plumb. Since this plunger is small, make sure it fits the size of your drain or choose a bigger counterpart.

    Master Plunger Sink & Drain Plunger

    Master Plunger offers a good heavy-duty plunger for sinks.

    Master Plunger is one of the best sink plunger brands. It’s an accordion-style plunger, slightly shorter in design than the norm. The length is to accommodate a sink rather than a toilet. 

    The Master Plunger may be compact for storage, but it’s quite the powerhouse of a plunger. It can displace up to 4 cups of water with each plunge. That’s double the power of a standard rubber cup plunger.

    Neiko Sink Plunger

    Neiko has one of the best heavy-duty plungers for sinks.

    Neiko plunger is technically another toilet plunger. As an all-angle plunger, it suits sinks as well. Most important to some, it’s affordably priced. 

    For a cheap sink plunger, Neiko is one of the best. With many kitchen sink plungers, you get something that’s flimsy and weak. That’s why a toilet-style plunger is sometimes better if it covers the drain and can apply the pressure needed to unclog.

    MR.SIGA Sink Plunger

    MR. SIGA offers one of the best sink plungers.

    The MR.SIGA Plunger is a sink plunger at heart. It is also designed to work on any other drain in the house. It has an ergonomic plastic grip and aluminum handle that gets real power behind every plunge to its flanged plunger end.

    You can be ready for anything with this sink plunger. The collapsible cup means creating a seal over your sink drain. This plunger gives you your best chance of getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Luigi’s Sink and Drain Plunger

    Luigi's has one of the best plungers to use for sinks.

    The Luigi Sink and Drain Plunger is one of the best plungers for the kitchen sink. This big plunger is sure to fit over any drain. A high-quality product made from ABS plastic, it’s durable and will last for years. 

    The Luigi is a heavy-duty plunger that still has a small size and is easy to store. This plunger can be used across sink drains, bathtubs, showers, and almost anywhere in the house. The Luigi Sink and Drain Plunger is ideal for anyone looking for a multi-use plunger that isn’t toilet-related.

    Mintcraft Black Drain Plunger

    MintCraft is a highly recommended plunger for the sink.

    The Mintcraft Black Drain Plunger is affordable, standard, and powerful. Admittedly, its appearance looks pretty boring. Nonetheless, it’s the most cost-effective plunger.

    Small kitchen sinks provide more than enough pressure to do the work. The rubber suction cup and flat bottom easily cover the drain. The 4-inch handle gives you the grip to maneuver and work your sink. Storage is also straightforward with this plunger as it’s thin and lightweight.