10 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

Without consumer financial services, the economy would not be able to function. Working in this industry, you will be in charge of providing clients with analyses and guidance on how to manage their finances. The best paying jobs in finance consumer services can offer highly professional and financially rewarding careers. People are increasingly turning to social media and the internet for financial assistance. Because of this, the need for financial advice and services is rising.

While corporate finance deals with businesses’ finances, consumer services handle financial products and services sold directly to the individual. Finance consumer services are valuable to the economy and consumers, advising individuals to manage their financial resources and capitalize on opportunities. If you’re considering a job in finance, you may find the best-paying jobs in finance consumer services.

Consumer services are an excellent place to start if you are interested in a career in finance. The more well-known financial consumer service sectors include insurance, investment banking, and personal financial planning. There are various work responsibilities and salary scales in each of these disciplines.

  • Best finance jobs: Private equity associates
  • Best finance jobs for recent graduates: Account managers
  • Best finance jobs for the future: Accountants
  • Best entry level finance jobs: Insurance advisors

Here is a list of the eighteen best paying jobs in finance consumer services:

Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

    High Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

    Private Equity Associates ($147,000)

    Private equity associates work in investment banking and pay the best salaries.
    JobsPrivate equity associates
    Average Salary$147,000

    Private equity associates have the best paying jobs in finance consumer services. A private equity associate works in investment banking and seeks to find potential investors. Their communication skills are top-notch as they earn their keep assisted with acquired investments, performing due diligence with clients, and finalizing deals.

    Private equity associates also help coordinate various aspects of financial deals, ensuring the needs of their clients are met. The average salary for a private equity associate is $147,000 annually.

    Personal Financial Advisor Jobs ($129,000)

    Personal financial advisors are excellent jobs with high salaries.
    JobsPersonal finance advisors
    Average Salary$129,000

    Personal financial advisors are excellent jobs with high salaries. This occupation involves giving their clients tips on how to manage their money. Financial advisors must entirely understand financial products and regulations. They must also be able to relate to and communicate effectively with clients.

    A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, statistics, or a similar discipline is required to work as a financial advisor. In fact, many employers favour applicants with master’s degrees.

    A personal financial advisor is similar to an analyst. They specialize in working closely with their client base to recommend different consumer service plans aligned with the client’s risk factors and personal preferences. A financial advisor is not doing any analysis and works more from a product knowledge base to ensure clients get the best financial advice. The median salary of a personal financial advisor is $129,000 annually.

    Hedge Fund Manager Jobs ($117,000)

    Despite earning six figures a year, successful hedge fund managers have various skills.
    JobsHedge fund managers
    Average Salary$117,000

    A hedge fund manager can be a lucrative job in finance consumer services. Financial institutions or private individuals work with knowledgeable analysts to create hedge funds. Despite earning six figures a year, successful hedge fund managers have various skills.

    To succeed as a hedge fund manager, you need knowledge in various areas, including risk management strategies and investment possibilities. When employing a hedge fund manager, many organizations require a master’s degree in accounting or finance.

    A hedge fund manager can work independently or as part of an investment firm. They work on behalf of high-net-worth investors to help manage their investments and make key decisions around where and how to invest. A hedge fund manager’s goal is to increase total return for the investor, overseeing the hedge fund and helping create investment goals. The average salary of a hedge fund manager is $117,000 annually.

    Financial Analyst Jobs ($111,000)

    Financial analysts are the top paying jobs in financial consumer services.
    JobsFinancial analysts
    Average Salary$111,000

    A financial analyst is one of the top paying jobs in finance consumer services. An analyst offers comments on investments, markets, and economic trends. Typically, banks, insurance companies, and investment businesses hire financial analysts. They make recommendations to clients and use data to find opportunities.

    A financial analyst’s job is to spot market patterns and recommend investments that are consistent with them. To succeed in this promising career, a financial analyst will require critical thinking skills. Financial analysts can develop into a lucrative career. In fact, many people consider financial analysts as one of the best paying jobs for women.

    A financial analyst researches and offers insight on how to invest, as well as the markets and economic trends. They work for banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, finding trends consumers can capitalize on. Financial analysts require sufficient research, analysis, and critical thinking skills to arrive at the correct advice. The average salary of a financial analyst is $111,000 annually.

    Senior Accountant Jobs ($110,000)

    Senior accountants are high paying job positions based on their experience.
    JobsSenior accountants
    Average Salary$110,000

    A senior accountant monitors outgoing and incoming finances, auditing clients’ finances and ensuring that financial information is accurate. They may work for individuals and corporations and be employed independently or with an organization.

    Depending on the client, a senior accountant may utilize clerks and bookkeepers. A senior accountant is near the top of the list of the different types of accountants, and the salaries for accountants vary wildly. The average salary for a senior accountant CPA is $110,000 annually.

    Accountant Jobs ($105,000)

    Accountants can be high paying jobs in the finance industry.
    Average Salary$105,000

    An accountant is a specialist that maintains and reviews financial records. Individual and commercial accountants are the two primary subcategories. Personal accountants collaborate closely with customers to guarantee responsible financial management and on-time tax filing. Corporate accountants assist organizations in maintaining stable economic conditions and regulatory compliance.

    Accountants need to be very organized and pay exceptional attention to detail. They must also be able to convey financial concepts in a way that is understandable to laypeople. To work as an accountant, you must acquire a degree in accounting from an accredited university. There are many colleges to choose from that provide both online and traditional academic degrees. Being an accountant is one of the best careers for the future.

    An accountant maintains and analyzes financial records. Some personal accountants work with individuals to help keep track of their client’s finances and file their taxes correctly. Accountants need to be able to analyze financial records, explain financial concepts, and pick up on what’s in the details. While many types of accountants exist and the salaries can vary quite a bit, the median salary of an accountant is $105,000 annually.

    Investment Banker Jobs ($85,000)

    Investment bankers have high paying career potential.
    JobsInvestment bankers
    Average Salary$85,000

    Investment bankers are also known as financial consultants. Both job titles refer to the same set of responsibilities. Investment bankers assist clients in raising funds by issuing and selling securities.

    Even though many independent companies exist, most investment bankers work for banks. They collaborate with clients to find investment possibilities and offer advice on financial planning.

    An investment banker issues and sells securities and works on behalf of banks to identify investment opportunities. There is a range of investment bankers and attached jobs in finance and consumer services. There is also a lot of opportunity to derive high income as an investment banker, but most focus on general financial planning for consumers. An investment banker makes an average salary of $85,000 annually.

    Account Manager Jobs ($85,000)

    Account manager jobs allow you to gain money and earn experience.
    JobsAccount managers
    Average Salary$85,000

    The account manager for consumer services keeps an eye on the company’s accounts. They make sure that everyone on the team contributes and puts forth sufficient effort to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization. Account managers are responsible for communicating with the team to keep them updated on projects, budgets, and deadlines.

    Account managers are among the highest-paid positions in the financial consumer services industry. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, sales, or a closely related subject is required for an account manager. The best part about account managers is that you can work contractually. These contract finance jobs Vancouver allow you to work short-term at a company, gaining experience before moving onto another prospect. The average salary for an account manager in finance is $85,000 annually.

    Stockbroker Jobs ($72,000)

    Stockbrokers have excellent paying jobs.
    Average Salary$72,000

    A stockbroker can be one of the best paying jobs in finance. The stockbroker is a specialist who buys and sells stocks on behalf of clients. This profession typically works in banks, investment firms, and FinTech companies.

    A good stockbroker must have a solid knowledge of the stock market. However, working with clients and effectively communicating with them is more important. Customers look for trustworthy brokers to manage their finances and expand their portfolios. 

    Many people have recently started working as their stockbrokers, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You must fully comprehend the stock market before you can begin to advise people on what to purchase and sell. The good news is that it is a well-paying job if you are successful. As you use your skills to generate more income, your income rises. How well you perform will determine how much you get paid.

    A stockbroker buys and sells stocks on behalf of clients. Stockbrokers thoroughly understand the stock market and how to grow a stock portfolio. Though a fashionable job, making a strong salary is difficult as it requires ongoing learning and dedication. The more successful you are, the more your long-term earnings will grow. The average salary for a stockbroker is $72,000 annually.

    Insurance Advisor Jobs ($67,000)

    Insurance advisors are the best paying jobs in financial consumer services without experience.
    JobsInsurance advisors
    Average Salary$67,000

    An insurance advisor is a qualified professional whose responsibility is to assist clients in selecting the best insurance coverage. This job assesses a client’s risk characteristics and provides insurance with the highest security level. Banks, investment companies, and insurance companies all employ insurance consultants. They offer a range of insurance products, including life, health, and vehicle plans.

    An insurance advisor must know about the products they sell and the laws that govern them. You may become an insurance advisor without having a degree since you can learn the skills on the job. This career is one of the high paying jobs in financial consumer services without the need for experience or education.

    An insurance advisor helps consumers find the right insurance policy, assessing for risk factors. An insurance advisor may work for an insurer, bank, or investment firm, offering life, health, and auto insurance products. Being an insurance advisor requires extensive product knowledge, insurance regulations, and the ability to communicate effectively. The average salary for an insurance advisor is $67,000 annually.

    Best Paying Jobs in Finance

    What are the best paying jobs in finance?

    Private equity associates are the best paying jobs in finance consumer services. This job requires you to work in investment banking and find potential investors. On average, private equity associates can earn $147,000 per year.

    What is the best finance jobs for recent graduates?

    An account manager job is one of the best options for recent graduates. You can gain experience, make contacts, and develop transferrable skills in this career. As an account manager, you may earn around $85,000 per year.

    What are the best entry level finance jobs?

    An insurance advisor is one of the best entry level finance jobs. You won’t need education or experience to work in this career. However, you will need to develop extensive knowledge about the insurance products. An insurance broker earns approximately $67,000 each year.

    What are the best finance jobs for the future?

    Accounting is the best finance job for the future. It’s a stable career in constant demand. In addition, you can develop your skills and earn a higher salary as a senior accountants. Senior accountants may earn $110,000 annually.