Best Female Careers – 10 Top Paying Jobs for Women

Being a woman in the working world can be challenging, especially if you work in a male-dominated field. Some industries suffer an unfortunate phenomenon called the glass ceiling. It describes a form of discrimination where female employees cannot advance in their employment due to their gender. Although many workplaces need improvements, there are promising signs of progress. Some of the best careers for the future have high-paying jobs for women.

As a woman, it pays to explore your career options. Research reveals that specific jobs lead to higher salaries than the norm. The lucrative paycheque can motivate you to switch employment, particularly if you seek financial independence. Of course, it is essential to also prioritize your enthusiasm for a job rather than pursuing it solely because of the salary. Nonetheless, combining passion with high compensation is a great way to maintain financial stability. You get to live your best life and enjoy going to work every day.

Here are the top ten best paying jobs for women:

List of Highest Paying Careers for Women

    Best Paying Jobs for Women

    Pharmacist jobs – $98,280

    Pharmacists lead as one of the best paying jobs for women.
    Average Salary$98,280
    Female Pharmacists62.7%

    The pharmacist profession has the best paying jobs for women. Pharmacists are health professionals who ensure that patients receive their proper medication and prescriptions with the intended amount. They are also responsible for informing the patient of the side effects related to the drug and how it should be taken.

    At the height of their careers, female pharmacists can expect to bring home a salary of $98,280. There are currently 263,000 pharmacists in the workforce, 62.7 percent of which are women.

    What is a pharmacist?

    • Pharmacists are health professionals who help patients with their medications. They are knowledgeable about these prescriptions and can explain the side effects in detail.

    Female pharmacist

    • A female pharmacist earns an average salary of $98,280.
    • 62.7% of pharmacists are women.

    Lawyer jobs – $91,624

    Lawyers are the second best paying jobs for women.
    Average Salary$91,624
    Female Lawyers40.3%

    Pursuing a career as a lawyer can lead to an exciting lifestyle where you are challenged with representing your client in a court of law. As a lawyer, you are responsible for upholding the justice system’s integrity. There are many different specialties in this profession. Many women choose to go into family law. Likewise, there are plenty of female employment lawyers, another popular choice.

    After attending law school and completing the bar exam, you will be qualified to enter a career earning an average salary of $91,624 for women. Unfortunately, women are somewhat under-represented in this field, taking up only 40.3 percent of the workforce.

    What is a lawyer?

    • Lawyers are experts in the law. They provide professional counsel and represent their clients in legal disputes. Lawyers may have different specialties, such as family law or employment law.

    Female lawyer

    • A female lawyer earns an average salary of $91,624.
    • 40.3% of lawyers are women.

    CEO jobs – $90,272

    CEOs have the best paying jobs for women in business.
    Average Salary$90,272
    Female CEOs26%

    Female CEOs, also known as managing directors, have a busy schedule. They are the best business leaders of their companies, tasked with handling a large team of corporate professionals in their firm. This dynamic lifestyle is worth it since being a CEO leads to one of the highest paying jobs for women.

    Women in the CEO position earn the average salary of $90,272. Females make up 26 percent of this workforce. Some famous female CEOs include Susan Wojcicki (YouTube), Lisa Su (AMD), and Mary Barra (General Motors).

    What is a CEO?

    • A CEO is the managing director of a company. They handle large teams of business professionals, make executive decisions, and guide the business to success.

    Female CEO

    • A female CEO earns an average salary of $90,272.
    • 26.0% of CEOs are women.

    IT management jobs – $89,804

    IT manager jobs pay women with high salaries.
    CareerIT managers
    Average Salary$89,804
    Female IT Managers25.5%

    Times have changed. Now, more women are being encouraged to join the field of computer science than ever before. Many of these women earn a career in computer and information systems management. Essentially, this means that they oversee a company’s computer network, ensuring that the proper network security is put in place and that all software is updated as needed.

    Women in this role can earn an average salary of $89,804. The field is currently 25.5 percent women, but that number could grow as more women are educated in this field. Many executive recruiters are proactively searching for talented women in the IT sector, making this a highly competitive field.

    What is an IT manager?

    • An IT manager works in computer and information systems manager. This job is responsible for overseeing the computer network in a company. The IT manager is responsible for enforcing the cyber security protocols and update the necessary software.

    Female IT Manager

    • A female IT manager earns an average salary of $89,804.
    • 25.5% of IT managers are women.

    Surgeon jobs – $87,204

    Average Salary$87,204
    Female Surgeons42.6%

    Surgeons are responsible for saving lives and often have a high-stress occupation. It is an intense work environment, but the pay is very competitive. You will require specialized skills to begin a surgeon’s career, involving plenty of education, internship, and residency.

    The average salary for women stands at $87,204. Women make up 42.6 percent of surgeons, making it almost an equal career representation for men and women. 

    What is an surgeon?

    • A surgeon performs medical procedures on patients in the hospital. They work under intense situations, often involving life or death circumstances. Surgeons require highly specialized skills to perform their work.

    Female surgeon

    • A female surgeon earns an average salary of $87,204.
    • 42.6% of surgeons are women.

    Software developer jobs – $85,488

    Software developers are high paying careers for women.
    CareerSoftware developer
    Average Salary$85,488
    Female Developers20.3%

    If you rely on smartphone apps and computer programs, you can thank a software developer. Software developers are responsible for designing and implementing these programs to run efficiently. It is a highly technical career that requires lots of coding and programming skills.

    For this painstaking effort, women can expect to receive an average salary worth $85,488. Women are considerably underrepresented in this field, making up 20.3 percent of developers. 

    What is a software developer?

    • Software developers design and implement computer programs or mobile apps. They use their programming skills to code the sophisticated software. It is a highly technical job that involves spending much time on the computer.

    Female software developer

    • A female software developer earns an average salary of $85,488.
    • 20.3% of surgeons are women.

    Computer programmer jobs – $75,140

    Computer programmers have one of the best paying jobs for women.
    CareerComputer programmers
    Average Salary$75,140
    Female Programmers21.3%

    Similar to software developers, computer programmers ensure the programs are operating effectively. They also need to inspect the software thoroughly, eliminating bugs or errors in the coding. Like other IT work, this field leads to many of the best paying jobs for women.

    Working in computer programming can take a lot of time and require expertise. Women programmers make $75,140 on average. They take up 21.3 percent of the workforce, outnumbered by their male peers.

    What is a computer programmer?

    • Computer programmers inspect software code to ensure the programs operate smoothly. They are responsible for eliminating bugs and troubleshooting errors. Programmers spend a lot of time behind the computer and require technical expertise.

    Female computer programmer

    • A female computer programmer earns an average salary of $75,140.
    • 21.3% of programmers are women.

    Management analyst jobs – $74,724

    Management analyst jobs pay high salaries for women.
    CareerManagement analysts
    Average Salary$74,724
    Female Analysts43.9%

    Women in management analysis are tasked with evaluating the management style in a certain company. They give reports and recommendations on how strategies can be more efficiently implemented to achieve the best results. It’s a job that deals heavily with numbers, analysis, and forecasts.

    This know-how earns the average woman approximately $74,724 a year. Working as an analyst is one of the best paying jobs in the finance consumer services industry. There are currently 635,000 management analysis experts in the field. 43.9 percent of them are women.

    What is a management analyst?

    • Management analysts evaluate the business prospects in a company. They use big data to compile reports and strategic recommendations. The analysts are also responsible for implementing these strategies in the company.

    Female management analysts

    • A female management analyst earns an average salary of $74,724.
    • 43.9% of analysts are women.

    Physical therapist jobs – $72,124

    Physiotherapists are great paying careers for females.
    CareerPhysical therapists
    Average Salary$72,124
    Female Physical Therapists66.5%

    Physical therapists are experts in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues that patients face. They can also help patients recover from an accident or overcome debilitating conditions. This career requires a familiar understanding of how the body works. Physical therapists often work with the best athletes, helping them recover from their injuries.

    The skills and schooling are well worth the $72,124 salary that the job brings in for women. Furthermore, women make up 66.5 percent of the occupation. 

    What is a physical therapist?

    • Physical therapists diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. They facilitate treatments to help patients recover after an accident or health condition. Physical therapists must understand thoroughly how the body works.

    Female physical therapist

    • A female physical therapist earns an average salary of $72,124.
    • 66.5% of physical therapists are women.

    Marketing manager jobs – $70,824

    Marketing managers have some of the highest paying jobs for women.
    CareerMarketing managers
    Average Salary$70,824
    Female Physical Therapists46.4%

    When implementing a marketing strategy to help a company grow, there needs to be a manager that oversees the process. The managers analyze what works and what does not. They adjust their marketing campaigns based on the profit margin, the sales forecasts, and the industry trends.

    Marketing managers earn an average of $70,824 a year. Women make up a 46.4 percent of the segment, making it an almost 50/50 gender representation. 

    What is a marketing manager?

    • Marketing managers oversees the implementation of various advertising campaigns for a company. They analyze industry trends and pair them with the most effective strategies. Marketing managers analyze forecasts, profit margins, and sales figures to make decisions.

    Female marketing manager

    • A female marketing manager earns an average salary of $70,824.
    • 46.4% of marketing managers are women.
    What is the highest paying job for women?

    A pharmacist is the highest paying job for women. On average, females can earn almost up to $100,000 per year in this profession. However, the job requires lots of specialized knowledge and expertise. Female pharmacists are well-paid for their understanding of medications.

    What are some good paying jobs?

    If you are a woman, some good paying jobs to consider include working as a lawyer ($92,000), CEO ($90,000), or management analyst ($75,000).

    What are good paying tech jobs?

    On average, women are compensated generously when working as an IT manager ($90,000), software developer ($85,500), or computer programmer (75,000)

    Do women get paid less than men?

    Unfortunately, women get paid less than men in many industries. There are various reasons for this pay discrepancy. Some may relate to discrimination, while others are traced to a lack of career opportunities. There is considerable effort to bring pay equality for men and women.