Best Careers for the Future – 8 High-Demand Jobs in 2022

Some jobs are intended as short-term without much potential for growth, also known as dead-end jobs. While there is nothing work with that type of work, it may not be something you want to do for the rest of your life. Instead, you will want to pick the best careers for the future with forecasted growth over the next ten years.

Good pay and stability are two things everyone wants out of their careers for the future. Choosing the right industry to focus your efforts on can help you build an excellent foundation. Working in a job that stimulates your personal interests motivates you when heading to work every day. Plus, you want to settle into a stable, lucrative career with long-term prospects.

This 2022 list contains the best careers for the future based on demand, pay, and the opportunity for rewarding work:

8 High Demand Jobs in the Next 10 Years

    Best Careers for the Future

    Accountant Careers

    An accountant is one of the best business careers for the future.
    Career IncomeHigh income potential
    Career ProspectStable
    Career BenefitsA stable career with high job demand

    When it comes to the best jobs for the next ten years, being an accountant is one of the top choices. Managing money is a tedious and complex task that most people don’t want to do. This results in companies paying good money to trustworthy accountants who can organize their books and find ways to improve their finances.

    Accountants do more than simply file tax returns and crunch numbers. In most organizations, accountants are relied on to share insights on how the company can perform better financially and areas where they can save money.

    Becoming an accountant requires getting an accounting degree and getting certified to meet your local standards. Accounting is a powerful skill you can use to build a career in the corporate world or build your own business. As a bonus, the salary is lucrative. Accountants are one of the best paying jobs in finance consumer services industry.

    Accountant Pros

    • Experienced accountants earn high incomes
    • High demand in corporations & established companies

    Accountant Cons

    • Many accounting tasks can be tedious
    • Can work long hours during peak season

    Surgeon Careers

    A surgeon is one of the best health careers for the future.
    Career IncomeVery high income
    Career ProspectSatisfying
    Career BenefitsA lucrative career with meaningful work

    Becoming a surgeon is a highly specialized skill that helps you command impressive salaries. Medical technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Surgeons can do all sorts of groundbreaking procedures that will get more people to consider getting surgery.

    Depending on your interests, there are many different areas within surgery that you can choose to specialize in. Becoming a surgeon is a generally satisfying career that allows you to see the tangible impact of your work by looking at how the patient responds.

    Surgeons require a medical degree in their careers. They need to spend time interning and residency to build the necessary skills to execute surgery. Thanks to the expertise involved, surgeons receive handsome compensation for their work. In fact, surgeons are considered one of the best paying jobs for women.

    Surgeon Stats

    • Experienced surgeons can make around $500,000 annually in Canada.
    • Some surgeons work up to 60 hours per week.

    Surgeon Trivia

    • Surgeons will need a medical degree to work in this career.
    • Interning and residency are required to gain career experience.

    Speech Therapy Careers

    A speech therapist is one of the best careers for the future.
    Career IncomeComfortable
    Career ProspectPopular
    Career BenefitsA rewarding career growing in demand

    Speech-language pathologists are also known as speech therapists, and their goal is to help people communicate better. This job involves assisting people in working on their pronunciation, enunciation, and the subtleties of communication. You may work with adults who have never been diagnosed with a speech condition and help them troubleshoot their communication problems.

    To become a speech-language pathologist, you’ll need a master’s degree, and you’ll need to get an appropriate license in your area. This can be a rewarding and well-paying career that continues to grow in popularity year after year.

    Speech Therapist Pros

    • Unique expertise that will make you a specialist
    • Well-paying career rising in popularity

    Speech Therapist Cons

    • Requires extensive education, including a master’s degree
    • Can work long hours during peak season

    Employment Lawyer Careers

    An employment lawyer is one of the best careers to go into for the future.
    Career IncomeExcellent
    Career ProspectHigh demand
    Career BenefitsAn excellent career for animal lovers

    Typically, an employment lawyer deals with workplace disputes, such as wrongful dismissals, unfair wages, or contractual disagreements. This legal professional may represent the employer or the employee. The best employment lawyer Toronto can help clients achieve their desired outcomes through communication, negotiation, and mediation.

    Employment lawyers are in high demand around the world. This career trend shows no signs of slowing down. The field of employment law is complex, often challenging many employees or employers with its detailed guidelines. An employment lawyer can help you navigate the law efficiently, answer questions, and increase the chances of winning your case.

    Employment Lawyer Stats

    • Canadian employment lawyers make around $109,000 per year on average.
    • A majority of employment lawyers work more than 40 hours each week, including overtime in larger firms.

    Employment Lawyer Trivia

    • Employment lawyers need a 32-week vocational training program before they can practice.
    • An employment lawyer will need a bachelor’s degree from a law school and a master’s degree in law, specializing in notarial law.

    Oil and Gas Careers

    The oil and gas industry has many of the best careers for the future.
    Career IncomeProfitable
    Career ProspectBooming
    Career BenefitsA thriving career with high wages

    The demand for drill operators in the oil and gas industry is skyrocketing. One of the benefits of this career is your training is on the job, and no formal education is required. Despite the low barrier to entry, the earning potential of a drill operator can get quite lucrative. You can also seek additional technical training to improve your skills and demand higher pay.

    Rotary drill operators often work offshore, another reason for the high wages. If you enjoy working with your hands and exploring different parts of your country, this can be an exciting and rewarding career.

    Drill Operator Pros

    • Soaring demand for drill operators in gas and oil industry
    • Lucrative pay with no formal education required

    Drill Operator Cons

    • Working environment may not be appealing
    • Requires dexterity and technical proficiency with machinery

    Education Careers

    Education careers are always good careers for the future.
    Career IncomeDecent
    Career ProspectStable
    Career BenefitsA meaningful career for educators

    Education assistants work with teachers and students to help support learning. Education assistants help with instruction delivery, lesson planning, and organization for teachers. An education assistant will also help kids learn to listen, troubleshoot problems, and develop valuable skills such as taking notes.

    Education assistants benefit from strong communication skills to improve the learning environment for teachers and students. Education assistants usually need some related post-secondary education to qualify for the position. Additional qualifications such as a first-aid certificate or a certificate to teach a specific language will improve your desirability as a potential employee.

    Education Assistant Stats

    • The average salary for an education assistant is around $57,000 in Canada.
    • You will need to complete 2700 hours of training (1.5 years) to be a qualified Educational Assistant.

    Education Assistant Trivia

    • Many education assistants proceed to become teachers after gaining exprerience.
    • Education assistants often work in public and private schools. They may also be hired for colleges or special education programs.

    Medical Administration Careers

    Medical administration is one of the best health careers for the future.
    Career IncomeOkay
    Career ProspectStable
    Career BenefitsAn accessible career with stable work

    Medical office assistants support doctors, nurses, and medical specialists by performing their clerical work. While similar to a traditional assistant position, medical office assistants need to be familiar with medical terms and policies that affect how they handle information. Medical office assistants may also be a patient’s first line of contact during a medical emergency.

    As a medical office assistant, your day-to-day life will include bookkeeping, interacting with patients, word processing, and scheduling appointments. Becoming a medical office assistant is easier with a related certificate, but you only need a high school diploma to start this career.

    Medical Administrator Pros

    • No higher education required to start the career
    • Varied tasks to keep the job interesting

    Medical Administrator Cons

    • The pay is only so-so compared to other careers.
    • The job has a lot of work that will keep you busy

    Veterinarian Careers

    A veterinarian is one of the best careers to get into for the future.
    Career IncomeDecent
    Career ProspectStable
    Career BenefitsAn excellent career for animal lovers

    With the number of new pet owners on the rise, veterinarians will remain an essential career. Your job as a veterinarian includes diagnosing and treating injuries or diseases that affect animals. You’ll also have to play the role of a detective to properly diagnose and research problems an animal may be suffering from.

    Veterinarians require a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a valid medical license to open a practice. This is an excellent job for people with a passion for health care and animals. Veterinary medicine is one of the best careers for the next ten years regarding stability.

    Veterinarian Stats

    • The average salary for veterinarians is between $78,000 to $110,000 in Canada.
    • There are approximately 11,200 licensed veterinarians practicing in Canada.

    Veterinarian Trivia

    • Veterinarians typically work in clinics and hospitals. They may also be found in zoos, farms, laboratories, and large ranches.
    • In case you are wondering, veterinarians are considered doctors. Their patients are animals instead of humans.
    What is the best career for the future?

    Being an accountant is one of the best careers in the next ten years. Its stability, high income potential, and popular demand makes accounting a stable career.

    Is a surgeon a good career?

    Yes, being a surgeon is an incredibly lucrative career. Some experienced Canadian surgeons make as much as $500,000 per year. However, you will need much education, experience, and hard work to achieve the top of this career.